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Ashleigh & Burwood are a specialist home fragrance company; formed in London in 1993.

We design and produce contemporary and classic home fragrance products under our signature ASHLEIGH & BURWOOD brand. Products are created to refine, to beautify and to enhance home ambience.

We see fragrance as an art form, and we believe a person takes the same care in choosing how to fragrance their home as they do in what perfume to wear. We want YOU to love our fragrances.

Our Philosophy

We believe above all, in quality. Through the continual supply of high quality products, we aim to build long and trusting relationships with our customers. We will never compromise our quality over price, yet we aim to offer our products at honest and fair prices to everybody.

We believe also in innovation. The world is ever-changing, never standing still – we carry this ethos into our work. We strive hard to create new ideas, new ways to fragrance a home, always keeping the Ashleigh & Burwood brand synonymous with original and inventive creations.


All the Ashleigh & Burwood products are created by our in-house team of designers – original designs which are often copied by other manufacturers. For this reason, you may feel the products have a familiarity even if you have not seen Ashleigh & Burwood products before.

The fragrance concepts are placed with some of the biggest fragrance manufacturers in the world for quality controlled blending of quality, creative fragrances. It is important to use the best fragrance companies; so that you are assured none of our fragrances contain anything that may be considered harmful.

All products are rigorously tested by our Quality Control department. Full testing and analysis is carried out throughout the life of the product – from first concept, during development and every manufactured batch. We also use external testing companies to give you the assurance that the products you buy are of the highest standards of safety.


What’s in a Name

A rich and colourful history lies behind the two names of Ashleigh and Burwood which can be traced back through several centuries. They originate from Walton-on-Thames in the South of England, and to this day they still dominate local place names there.

The town of Walton-on-Thames is situated right on the banks of the river Thames, a few miles upstream from the centre of London, in the county of Surrey. The name in its present form is recorded in the Domesday Book of 1086, commissioned after the Normans had defeated the English King Harold at the Battle of Hastings in 1066, in order to record and assess the value and ownership of all the land and properties in England. However, the area has been inhabited since the Stone Age (1,000,000 years B.C. to 4000 B.C.).

The actual name 'Walton' is said to mean 'place of the foreigners', From “Ton” meaning town, village or settlement and “Wahl” or “Wallache” meaning foreigner in Saxon. This suggests that there was a settlement here, probably of migrants, from at least Saxon times.

Burwood is the earliest recorded of the two names, appearing in a Saxon cartulary of 962. The name itself means 'wood by the fort' which is a reference to the nearby fort on St. George's Hill which dates back to the Iron Age (around 500 B.C.) and the remains of which are still visible today. In ancient times St. George's Hill was used by pilgrims on their way to Windsor Castle, ten miles away, as a landmark. Today it is a luxury private estate, one of the wealthiest areas in the country.

During the Middle Ages the area was gradually occupied by a number of small holdings, with names such as 'Waterman's Burwood' and 'Aldwyn's Burwood'. Eventually, in 1597, Burwood Park was established as a gentleman's private estate. The original grounds of Burwood Park now make up another exclusive luxury private estate, which is home to many modern day gentlemen and their families.

The earliest recorded reference to the name Ashleigh occurs in the Assize Rolls of 1294, after which the name becomes very frequent in the Walton-on-Thames area. The meaning of the name is Ash wood, referring to the Ash tree rather than ashes, and meadow or clearing from leigh, and so is a place location by description “Ash forest by the meadow”. There are various different spellings which have been recorded, such as Ashley, Asheleye, Asshle etc. Many of the local residents began to derive their family names, as was the tradition at the time, from the place where they lived. Hence in the 1332 tax assessments the names of Gilberto, Roberto and Enrico de Asshlye are found.

Between 1602 and 1607 a large house was built at Ashley which was certainly the most important great house near Walton village. The original building records still exist, and show the cost was £3,119 and 795,000 bricks were used. Ashley House stood for 300 years, but in its place today stands the Ashley Park private estate, and the original oak tree lined Grand Drive has become the town's high street.

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