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  1. November scents

    Sandwiched in between Halloween and Christmas, November can feel like a bit of uneventful month in which the nights draw in and the days get colder. However, from beautiful frosty landscapes to cosy evenings in with a warming treat there’s still plenty to love in November. Here are some of the scents that we’d recommend for this month which remind us of everything we love about November.

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  2. It's Beginning to Smell a Lot Like Christmas...

    Christmas Lights

    It's official, Christmas is on. We know, we know, it seems to begin earlier and earlier each year, but it really is well and truly on now. Don’t believe us? Just glance out of your window and gaze in wonderment at the Christmas lights which have popped up on the high street. When were they put up? No one knows. They simply appear each year. Take a look at the shops, too. They’re filling! Christmas shoppers, pop-up Christmas sections, they're all there. This divides the nation into two sides. There's the first, those who roll their eyes and point out that "bonfire night is barely over", and the second, who instinctively break into a chorus of "I don’t want a lot for Christmas..." at the first sight of a bauble.

    Whichever camp you fall into, if you’ve been hearing jingle bells since August, or if you fall somewhere in-between the two, we can all agree that Christmas is something to get excited about. Ultimately, it’s a great time for tradition. You may shake things up each year with a new, on-trend colour scheme, but it’s the personal little customs that each household honours that makes it such a comforting time, filled with nostalgia and smiles (cheesy, but true)!

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