Fragrance by Room

  1. The best scents to make your bathroom smell good


    It’s where we get ready in the morning, where we wash away the day in the evening and where we go to relax with a hot shower or a long bath. But there's no denying the bathroom can also attract unwanted smells from everyday use. Reduce these undesirable odours and help your bathroom smell good with our purifying Fragrance Lamps; the Lamps use an innovative catalytic process to cleanse the air of nasty odour particles rather than masking them with another fragrance.* While they're doing away with unwanted aromas the Lamps can simultaneously replace the smells in the room with a new scent to create your desired atmosphere.

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  2. Room by Room Fragrancing Guide

    You probably don’t have the same colour walls in every room, or the same furniture in your bathroom and your living room, so it follows that using one fragrance throughout your home may not be the best approach. Much like with the décor in your home, taking the function of each room into account is helpful when picking home fragrance.

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