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  1. How to Get Rid of Airborne Coronavirus in Your Home with a Fragrant Air Purifier

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    Since the start of the coronavirus pandemic began we’re become increasingly aware of one aspect of coronavirus – airborne transmission. The World Health Organisation’s guidance now states that "the virus can spread from an infected person’s mouth or nose in small liquid particles when they cough, sneeze, speak, sing or breathe". In an attempt to cut down on infections from these aerosols face coverings became mandatory in shops in England as well as on public transport to help protect ourselves and those around us.

    However, while facemasks might help prevent infection while out and about, they don’t kill the virus and can’t be worn all the time. With government guidance now allowing us to socialise at home again, the answer we need is an air purifier which works like hand sanitiser for the air by disinfecting our environment rather than our skin. While the idea may sound futuristic, technology that can do just that has been around since the 1890s. Enter Ashleigh & Burwood Catalytic Fragrance Lamps, a simple product proven to cleanse air of up to 97% of coronavirus.* To understand Lamps, how they work and how they can protect you and sanitise the air in your home, let’s first learn more about coronavirus and how it can be destroyed.

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  2. How to disinfect your home from coronavirus

    Spraying Disinfectant

    Since March most of us have spent our days sequestered inside, with just the occasional trip to the supermarket or allocated daily walk to take us outside. With lockdown restrictions lifting we’re now likely to be heading to the shops (remember your face mask!), to attractions and to see friends and family more and more, but we must still stay alert.

    The relaxation of lockdown might make you feel uneasy, but keeping your home disinfected against coronavirus can be easier than you think. Let’s dive into the three main areas that should be cleansed to keep up a coronavirus-free home.

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    The Lamps can be known as Catalytic Lamps, Catalytic Fragrance Lamps, Effusion Lamps, or simply as Fragrance Lamps.


    The original Lamp technology dates back over 120 years, to when a French pharmacist discovered the catalytic combustion process, and the Lamps came to be widely used to help disinfect and purify the air in hospitals, thus cutting down on infection transmission. In the 1920's designers were commissioned to create aesthetic bottles to be offered to private consumers. The Lamps, which had previously cleansed and purified the air exclusively in an industrial setting, now came into the private home.

    We have taken the original technology, tweaked and refined it over the course of the last 10 years or so, to create what we believe is the best system out there.

    When the Covid-19 pandemic started taking hold, we immediately wondered whether our product could be useful, and began researching a microbiological laboratory that could do the type of testing that was needed. At the end of January 2020, we commissioned a specialist US laboratory to begin testing our Lamps specifically for their efficacy against coronavirus. In June we received the verified results in the final test report.

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    Recently there has been a spotlight shone on one aspect of coronavirus – airborne transmission. In July the World Health Organisation said there was “emerging evidence” of airborne coronavirus transmission following an open letter from a group of over 200 scientists warning that the virus could be transmitted through tiny aerosols breathed out by those infected. Since then the government announced face coverings would be made mandatory in shops in England as well as on public transport in an attempt to cut down on infections cause by expelled droplets or aerosols. While scientific advice is constantly evolving, the new evidence and guidelines make it clear that guarding against airborne transmission is increasingly important in fighting the COVID-19 virus.

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  5. Make your home smell sensational with our Home Fragrance Tips

    At Ashleigh & Burwood, we have over 25 years of experience in making homes smell amazing. We want to share our top tips for how to use your Reed Diffusers, Candles and Fragrance Lamps, to ensure their optimum performance. Allow us to guide you through our recommendations to provide your best home fragrance experience yet.

    Ashleigh & Burwood Crouching Tiger Reed Diffuser on a wooden table with a black and grey sofa behind
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  6. Spring clean your home with a Fragrance Lamp

    The recent hot weather has brought with it a welcome opportunity for a spot of sunbathing and the first barbecue of the year, but, as many allergy sufferers know, the summer sun comes with less-than-pleasant consequences. The start of the season also brings about an increase in naturally occurring irritants, especially the pollen released by flowers, grass and trees. Even by staying inside, it can be hard to avoid allergens. Some of the most common allergies have been nicknamed ‘home fever’, where symptoms are triggered by airborne irritants like dust mites and mould spores that are commonly found in the home. Unlike hay fever, these allergens and the resulting symptoms can affect sufferers all year round. And that's where the Fragrance Lamp comes in. Like the name suggests, Fragrance Lamps are a unique way to uplift the home through scent - but that's not their only benefit, especially for those battling home allergens. 

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  7. Our top picks of fabulous fragranced gifts for Valentine’s Day

    We love gifting here at Ashleigh & Burwood, especially when it involves something as personal and timeless as fragrance.

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  8. Have you discovered the secret?

    Unlock the secret to a cleaner, fresher and more fragrant home...

    Click below to watch how to use one of our incredible, purifying Fragrance Lamps.

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  9. Fragrance for spring events

    As sunny weather starts to shine through the clouds, we begin spending a lot more time outdoors relaxing and enjoying the sunshine. With the sun comes a season of outside events, from garden parties and barbecues to outdoor weddings. Little details can that have an impressive effect on the atmosphere of any event and fragrance is hugely useful in creating the perfect ambience.

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  10. Step into our Country Garden this spring…

    Welcome to our Country Garden! For our Spring Collection we wanted to paint a picture of stolen moments of relaxation in dappled sunlight within a pretty cottage garden.

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