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Fragrance Notes

  1. Spice things up in your home with wonderful spicy and woody fragrances


    Feeling bored with your home fragrance? Give your home a boost of energy and spice things up with one of our splendid spicy and woody scents! As well as bringing a bright new feeling to the home with their zesty spicy notes, these fragrances also create a cosy atmosphere thanks to warming, woody base notes lending the ideal comforting ambience to the home.

    From fragrances evoking the aromatic scent of the heart of the forest to the rich and fragrant feel of far-off spice markets, discover some of our favourite spicy and woody accords…

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  2. Escape to the seaside this summer with beachy scents and décor!

    Beach view

    Whether you’re off for a UK getaway, enjoying a staycation or longing for a beachy holiday this summer, you can always enjoy the refreshing scent and beautiful blue shades of the ocean waves in your home thanks to these sea-nsational Fragrance Lamps and home fragrances. Featuring energising and evocative coastal notes and tranquil ocean hues, these home fragrance treats are the perfect complement to warm weather to take you on a scented seaside escape. For an especially fresh and clean feel, place in your bathroom to bring the beach vibes home as you bathe.

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  3. Your Guide to Home Fragrance – What Are Fragrance Notes?

    Floral Notes

    Have you ever wanted to know more about the words we use to talk about fragrances? What do we mean when we say fragrances are made up of notes? Why are some ingredients called top notes and others are called base notes? And what’s an accord?

    We’ve put together this guide to teach you more about what we mean when we describe our fragrances and to help you learn how to talk about your own impressions of a scent.

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  4. We love a citrus twist!

    Citrus slices

    We’ve fallen in love with citrus notes this season. You’ll find them in many of our new fragrances, evoking sunny groves of ripe oranges, blended with basil for a refreshing herbaceous cocktail and mixed with exotic oud. Whatever the combination, we feel that citrus’ sparkling notes will uplift any scent.

    So what makes citrus notes our new favourites?

    • Crisp and zesty, citrus notes are the ideal morning pick me up to start your day feeling revitalised and the freshness of the scents with keep you feeling energised throughout the day.
    • The light and fresh nature of citrus scents evokes a clean, freshly washed feeling, perfect for when you want to your home to feel refreshed.
    • Citrus scents are some of the most versatile around and can be used to complement an endless number of notes. Fragrances like bergamot, orange and lemon will blend beautifully with warm, rich spices and light, sweet florals in equal measure.
    • They’re a match made in heaven with the sunny days of spring and summer, when the sparkling nature of citrus scents and their greener notes are complemented by the warmer weather.
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  5. November scents

    Sandwiched in between Halloween and Christmas, November can feel like a bit of uneventful month in which the nights draw in and the days get colder. However, from beautiful frosty landscapes to cosy evenings in with a warming treat there’s still plenty to love in November. Here are some of the scents that we’d recommend for this month which remind us of everything we love about November.

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  6. Decorate Your Home for Spring

    At long, long last, winter has come to an end and spring is finally here! With the Easter bank holiday approaching, now’s the perfect time to get creative and begin opening up your home to let spring in.

    There are lots of lovely ways to add a touch of spring to your home (don’t worry, we’re not going to suggest spring cleaning – though if you do feel like having a spruce, check out our tips here), from fresh flowers to bright colours and light pastels, you can add ‘instant-Spring’ to your home using just a few home accessories!

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