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  1. Relax at home with beautiful Essential Oils for World Wellbeing Week


    This week the world is celebrating World Wellbeing Week, an event which aims to bring increased awareness to the many, wide-ranging aspects of wellbeing. In recent times we’ve all become increasingly aware of our own wellbeing, how effected it can be by our environment and how important it is to take to improve our overall wellbeing.

    One way to improve your wellbeing is to relax at home with the scent of the transformative essential oils found in our range of Essential Oil Lamp Fragrances.

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  2. Why burning incense is beneficial for the mind and soul

    Burning Incense

    Burning incense is one of the oldest ways to fragrance the home, being used all the way back in the days of Ancient Egypt to keep rooms from smelling bad, and it continues to be used today thanks to its beneficial effects on the mind and mood as well as its beautiful fragrance. For those unfamiliar with this long-lived fragrancing method, incense sticks are made with aromatic materials including essential oils, to scent a room the incense stick is lit and then the flame fanned to a gentle ember which releases a pleasantly fragrant smoke into the air. To burn your incense sticks without mess, you’ll need an Incense Holder (£9.99) to catch any ash. One of the most evocative and relaxing methods of releasing fragrance into the home, there are several benefits to be gained through burning incense.

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  3. Our Top Six Scents for Working from Home

    Working From Home

    As part of staying home and staying safe, lots of us have found our homes becoming our new offices, many for the first time. Even though WFH has many benefits – a non-existent commute and much comfier workwear to name a few – it’s also rife with distractions. While a well-chosen home fragrance won’t be able to take your phone out of your hand and stop you scrolling Instagram every five minutes, it can help you to create a focused, invigorated mood to keep you motivated at work. Here are our top choices for zesty, energising scents to help get you going in the morning and to help you stay productive as you work.

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  4. Our Best Tips to Unwind

    And breathe...

    Unprecedented. Uncertain. Unsettling. We’ve been hearing those words a lot lately to describe these times we find ourselves in. However you choose to describe them, recent days have brought an increase in one emotion to many of us – stress. While our worries may not disappear overnight, we should still take time for some self-care and relaxation. Here are some of our best tips to help you unwind at home.

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  • Holiday at home

    Tropical island beach with palm trees in the background

    Our cherished holidays and getaways seem far from our reach at present. We all look forward to time away; our chance to escape our everyday lives, time to relax, taking in new surroundings and making new memories. Now more than ever, most of us are longing to get out of the house and to getaway. To cheer you up, Ashleigh & Burwood has a few ideas (some of them a little humorous) to bring the holiday to your home.

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  • Essential Oils for Sleep


    Sleep is as important for our health and wellbeing as eating, drinking and breathing. It enhances our body’s ability to recover and repair itself, allowing our brains to shut down and consolidate the enormous amount of information processed every day. We should spend approximately a third of our lives sleeping, so not getting enough sleep has the same impact on our bodies as eating poor-quality food. Discover how to use essential oils to get a better-quality sleep.

    What are Essential Oils?

    Essential oils are a highly concentrated natural oil, traditionally extracted from a plant via distillation. This highly concentrated version has the characteristic fragrance and healing properties of the parent plant. Essential oils have been used as a core part of medicine since ancient times and have been adopted by modern science as a more natural, holistic approach to wellbeing and mental health. According to the Mental Health Foundation’s sleep report, up to one third of the population suffers from insomnia, which directly impacts our mental health, concentration, mood and our relationships. So let’s take control of the most comfortable third of our lives and boost our roost with oils designed to reduce insomnia, anxiety and clear our airways. Even snoring can be improved!

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  • Spring clean your home with a Fragrance Lamp

    The recent hot weather has brought with it a welcome opportunity for a spot of sunbathing and the first barbecue of the year, but, as many allergy sufferers know, the summer sun comes with less-than-pleasant consequences. The start of the season also brings about an increase in naturally occurring irritants, especially the pollen released by flowers, grass and trees. Even by staying inside, it can be hard to avoid allergens. Some of the most common allergies have been nicknamed ‘home fever’, where symptoms are triggered by airborne irritants like dust mites and mould spores that are commonly found in the home. Unlike hay fever, these allergens and the resulting symptoms can affect sufferers all year round. And that's where the Fragrance Lamp comes in. Like the name suggests, Fragrance Lamps are a unique way to uplift the home through scent - but that's not their only benefit, especially for those battling home allergens. 

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  • New Year, New you? See how fragrance can help you keep your resolutions.

    While, most of us start the New Year with a firm resolve to make positive changes, as the days go by it gets harder and harder to keep up with our good intentions and put off our bad habits. Fragrance has long been used in aromatherapy to influence mood and create a positive mind-set, whether your resolution is taking time to de-stress, getting a better night’s sleep or giving up smoking, therapeutic Essential Oils can help you on your way.

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  • Can fragrance help you learn?

    Epic rises in the sales of rosemary have been reported recently as exam-bound student turned to the brain-boosting powers of its scent for studying. But what other scents can energize your mind?

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