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What is Art Deco décor?

Art Deco was a design movement that first gained popularity in the 1920s and 30s which epitomised modern, sophisticated elegance over the more traditional, ornate Art Nouveau look of the recent Edwardian and Victorian eras. Common motifs in Art Deco décor are sleek, streamlined shapes, strong lines and geometric patterns, à la Lalique glassware and Clarice Cliff ceramics.Art Deco interior

Art Deco décor has remained popular in interior design today as a way to infuse the home with vintage style and a sense of luxury. The visual design of Art Deco is frequently associated with the exuberant rebellion of the Roaring Twenties, the glamour of Great Gatsby-esque parties and the elegance of early Hollywood stars.

How to bring Art Deco décor into the home?

There are lots of ways to bring a little 1920s glamour to the 2020s home and add a few Art Deco touches to your space.

One of the easiest is to add Art Deco prints of works by artists like Erté or Tamara de Lempicka or vintage Vogue covers. For that simple Deco style, choose clean, sleek frames in block colours when hanging your artwork.

Bring in décor items in the elegant, glass styles of the design movement, like our swirling, jewel-toned The Heritage Collection Fragrance Lamps and Reed Diffusers, paired with luxurious scents that will make your home feel like a decadent Deco escape.

You could revive the 20s trend of cocktails by adding a stylish drink cabinet and take inspiration from Deco devotees’ love of sleekly polished and reflective finishes by choosing a statement mirror in a sunburst or geometric shape too. Adding a mirror can also be a quick fix to make a smaller room feel like a larger space. Or for a more eye-catching styling homage add a feature wall of Deco-inspired patterned wallpaper to bring a pop of boldness to the room.

How can The Heritage Collection bring Deco glamour to your home?

The Heritage Collection is a range of beautifully designed fragrances which infuse a sense of pure luxury into the home and elegant, Art Deco-inspired glass vessels which bring the character of a bygone era into the modern age.

The Heritage Collection Fragrance LampIf you want to make a style statement within the home, look no further than The Heritage Collection Decorative Diffuser Vases. Created from jewel coloured glass in Art Deco-inspired designs, each piece is individually mouth-blown by artisan craftsmen and accented with antique gold to bring the glamour of the past into the modern home. More swirling, sleek glass vases and luxurious fragrances feature in the collection’s giftable (or self-treatable) Reed Diffuser Gift Sets and Fragrance Lamps, a unique purifying home fragrance method that was popular in the 1920s.

The Heritage Collection’s warm and comforting fragrances are also available as scented candles to complete the fragrance experience. In dusky hues borrowed from vintage paint swatches, The Heritage Collection Scented Candles feature a gold metallic interior to enhance the natural warm golden glow of candlelight.

For an immersive vintage feel for the home, turn to The Heritage Collection’s nostalgic fragrances and let yourself be taken on a sensory journey, transporting you to a forgotten time.

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