Scent might be at the heart of home fragrance, but a gorgeously designed candle vessel or stunning gift packaging is often what pushes a great fragrance to a must have item. We speak to Sumitta Spencer-Townson, our in-house designer behind our Wild Things collection, about how to create fragrance products that look as good as they smell.

Wild Things Crouching Tiger collection

What were the inspirations behind the Wild Things collection?Sumitta Spencer-Townson

I started seeing trends appearing everywhere playing with the idea of bringing the outdoors into the home and wild, tropical prints popping up in home décor. I wanted to bring the same concept to Wild Things by creating playful nature-inspired images with vibrant colours.

What feel did you want to bring to the collection with the artwork?

I wanted the images to have an element of boldness, both in the vibrancy of the colours and the designs themselves, that really makes them a statement piece for the home. The tiger staring out from between the leaves on Crouching Tiger for instance has a very striking visual impact. I also wanted there to be a feeling of fun to the collection with quirky designs like the gentleman bunny for Sir Hoppingsworth or the zebra surrounded by beautiful pink peonies on I Zee You Baby.

Your Wild Things designs have been shortlisted for Gift of the Year twice now. Was gift-giving a key part of the Wild Things designs?

I absolutely love giving gifts, wrapping them up beautifully and then watching people’s reactions as they peel back all those layers. It makes me so excited to see people’s enjoyment as their gift is slowly revealed, that’s something I wanted to bring to Wild Things. First someone sees the design on the box, then the vibrant vessels topped by the gold lids and finally they lift the lid to smell the beautiful fragrance inside. It’s an amazing, unique gift as well as a luxury you would want for your own home.