Wild Things Scented Candles

A stand-out piece of adorable décor can immediately help to uplift a space and make it more interesting especially when paired with enlivening fragrance to bring a positive atmosphere to the room. If you’re unable to change much of a room’s look due to a lack of time and effort or the constraints of renting, then adding a few pieces of bright décor like candles, reed diffusers, planters, rugs and prints are an easy solution to add your personality to a space and make it feel more like home. Look for items in your favourite colours and motifs that will help bring a bit of you into the room and keep in mind that bold and beautiful styles can have a big impact even when featured on a small object.

At A&B we like our fragrance to look good in your home as well as smelling good - from quirky animal prints to colourful patterns, here are our favourite pieces of cute home fragrance décor to instantly bring life to a space.

Toucan Play That Game Candle

Wild Things Luxury Scented Candles

from £28.50

The perfect home accessory for animal lovers and the wild at heart! These vibrant, richly decorated ceramic vessels feature eye-catching designs of adorable animals and exotic wildlife from fierce tigers to turtles floating in a technicolour ocean. Designed to make a statement in the home as luxurious ornaments, they have been created with a specially designed blend of premium quality wax and a high percentage of fragrance for incredible fragrance release. Add to your décor for a touch of urban jungle chic. Once the candle is burnt down, smaller vessels can be reused again with a collection of refills and larger vessels can be turned into an attention-grabbing plant pot for your own indoor tropical garden.

Rainbow Safari Fragrance Lamp

The Design Anthology Fragrance Lamps

from £32.00

For statement prints and playful patterns to spice up your home look no further than The Design Anthology! This collection of cool and quirky designs gives you the choice of a colourful splash of rainbow shades and animal print, a collage-style twist on modern florals or a stylish botanical illustration in striking black and white. We recommend trying the boldly decorated Fragrance Lamps, a creative way to add a pop of vibrant colours and brighten your interior while adding powerful and purifying fragrance to the home that will impress any visitors.

Life In Bloom Reed Diffusers

Life in Bloom Floral Reed Diffusers


A colourful twist on the cottagecore trend, discover the most blooming adorable way to fragrance your home and infuse your space with delicate floral décor! These new Reed Diffusers from our Life In Bloom collection feature real gypsophila flower stems, dyed in matching colours to the vessels in order to brighten the home with colour and floral detail. Available in a range of uplifting scents which bring a burst of positive energy into the home and evoke the fresh essence of springtime all year round to help your space feel happier and more refreshing.