Bergamot fruit

Bergamot is one of our favourite fragrance ingredients here at A&B. This surprisingly versatile citrus note comes from the essential oil of the bergamot orange, an unusual green relative of the lemons, limes and oranges we’re more familiar with. While you won’t find bergamot in the fresh fruit aisle, you might recognise its flavour – it’s one of the ingredients which go into creating the classic English taste of Earl Grey tea. Aside from its tea-making uses, bergamot is also a highly prized scent in perfumery as it creates a complex citrus note which pairs well with fresh, floral and aromatic elements for a unique and pleasing effect.

Thanks to its complexity bergamot can bring a fresh, sweet, bitter, fruity, or even slightly floral or subtly spicy twist to a fragrance when paired with different notes. This beautiful variety makes it one of the most exciting fragrance ingredients to work with and is one reason why we like to use it in so many of our fragrances, especially in bergamot diffuser blends where the flame-free fragrancing allows the typically light top note of bergamot to shine. Click below to discover some of our favourite bergamot diffuser blends infused with this unique citrus note.

White Cedar & Bergamot Reed Diffuser

White Cedar & Bergamot Reed Diffuser (£13.00) / Refill (£7.50)

This woody, aromatic scent is a popular choice from The Scented Home collection. Here a zingy and citrusy bergamot top note is the finishing touch to a deep, invigorating blend of mahogany and white cedarwood, accented by a warm core of spicy nutmeg and cinnamon. With its mix of invigorating, spicy notes and comforting woods, this one works well for offices or living room spaces. 

Jasmine & Bergamot Reed Diffuser

Jasmine & Bergamot Reed Diffuser (£6.50)

The bergamot in this dreamy fragrance takes on a fresh aspect, set against other bright citrus notes and blended with wistful jasmine and dusky sandalwood for a nostalgic, comforting vibe. With its petite size being perfect for smaller spaces and its cosy, relaxing scent, Jasmine & Bergamot is great for guest bedrooms.

Lavender & Bergamot Reed Diffuser

Lavender & Bergamot Reed Diffuser (£13.00) / Refill (£7.50)

This simple and classic favourite pairs citrus notes of bergamot with soothing lavender to evoke the gentler side of the scent. Infused with a base of creamy musks and soft amber, Lavender & Bergamot brings a comforting air of rustic relaxation to the home.

Sweet Mimosa & Bergamot Floral Reed Diffuser

Sweet Mimosa & Bergamot Floral Reed Diffuser (£22.50) / Refill (£13.00)

Here our bergamot top note is matched with a sweet and floral heart which brings out its sparkling freshness. Blossoming scents of sweet mimosa, jasmine and heliotrope are warmed by a base of glowing amber to bring to life this sweet and sunny fragrance, reminiscent of the relaxed feeling of a summer’s day.

Bergamot & Golden Oud Luxury Reed Diffuser Fragrance

Bergamot & Golden Oud Luxury Reed Diffuser Fragrance (£14.50)

In this nostalgic outdoorsy scent from The Heritage Collection, bergamot’s bright and sunny citrus qualities are used to evoke the feeling of being bathed in golden sunlight. Herbaceous scents mingled with floral jasmine, orris and violet conjure up verdant kitchen gardens while the lush fragrance of oud creates the sense of warm sun-dappled earth. Pair with any Decorative Diffuser Vase.