Toucan Play That Game Candle

Has the sun shining and the weather warming put a smile on your face? Bring that blissful summer feeling to your space year round with these tropical decor ideas that make home feel like a holiday. Featuring bright colours that will add a vibrant pop to your interiors and tropical designs to make you smile, these home fragrance gems infuse the home with exotic scents and relaxing vacation vibes.  

Tahitian Sunset Lamp & Pink Grapefruit Fragrance

Tahitian Sunset Fragrance Lamp (£28.95) & Pink Grapefruit 500ml Lamp Fragrance (£12.99)

Recapture happy memories of watching the evening sky on an exotic beach. Bring the shining splendour of the Tahitian Sunset to your home with this beautiful Fragrance Lamp. Made from a mosaic of glass in shades of glistening pink and red, the vibrant colours will make every day feel like paradise. Pair with the ripe, sun-kissed scent of Pink Grapefruit, blending a sweet nuance of tropical fruits and a hint of mandarin and lime to create a summery citrus fragrance.

Toucan Play That Game Candle

Toucan Play That Game Scented Candle (£38.00)

Featuring a beautiful vessel decorated with a quirky flock of bright-beaked toucans, the warming glow and fruity fragrance of this luxury scented candle will transport you inside the vibrantly painted walls of a tropical garden, enclosed by the hot pink blooms of towering cactuses. Once lit it will fill the air with the rich, refreshing scent of sun kissed mango, juicy guava and tangy mandarin.

Yuzu & Coconut Water Candle

Yuzu & Coconut Water Scented Candle (£18.00)

Standing out with its striking animal print pattern and a tropical blend of neo-mint, golden yellow and contrasting shades of pink, this fashionable must have will add a pop of vibrant colours to brighten your interior. Reminiscent of the savanna at dusk when the African sky glows with a golden pink ombre and a warm breeze rustles through grassland revealing a glimpse of a waiting feline, this playfully patterned scented candle is fragranced with fresh floral notes infused with soft accords of coconut, jasmine and vanilla.

Cougar Fragrance Lamp & Tropical Garden Fragrance

Cougar Fragrance Lamp (£28.95) & Tropical Garden 500ml Lamp Fragrance (£12.99)

Display your wild side with the striking red leopard print pattern and glittering midnight purple mosaic which adorns our Cougar Fragrance Lamp Fragrance Lamp. Pair with the exotic perfume of Tropical Garden - green stems, orange and sandalwood blended with floral notes of jasmine and lily of the valley to conjure up a lush tropical paradise.

Pinemingos Luxury Reed Diffuser

Pinemingos Luxury Reed Diffuser (£38.00)

Decorated with a quirky pattern of flamboyant flamingos and exotic pineapples, this luxury reed diffuser is fragranced with a tropical scent which conjures a crystalline blue ocean lapping at sandy shores where colourful pink birds dance. Beneath trees rich with exotic fruits the sweet, creamy scents of coconut and lychee fill the air.