Beach view

Whether you’re off for a UK getaway, enjoying a staycation or longing for a beachy holiday this summer, you can always enjoy the refreshing scent and beautiful blue shades of the ocean waves in your home thanks to these sea-nsational Fragrance Lamps and home fragrances. Featuring energising and evocative coastal notes and tranquil ocean hues, these home fragrance treats are the perfect complement to warm weather to take you on a scented seaside escape. For an especially fresh and clean feel, place in your bathroom to bring the beach vibes home as you bathe.

Sea Spray Scented Candle

Sea Spray Scented Candle (£13.00)

One of our favourite ocean scents, this fragrance evokes sparkling blue waves rolling over pure white sands through fresh coastal notes of sea salt, a hint of sparkling peppermint and a natural base of white musk.

Aqua Fragrance Lamp

Aqua Fragrance Lamp (£28.95)

This gorgeous Fragrance Lamp shimmers with cool and refreshing aquas hues. Handcrafted from fragments of coloured glass, the reflective mosaic conjures an image of a sun-dappled sea topped with a froth of sea foam.

Turtley Awesome Luxury Reed Diffuser

Turtley Awesome Luxury Reed Diffuser (£38.00)

This fragrance from our nature-inspired Wild Things collection takes you on an escape to a bright underwater world. Sparkling citrus notes of fresh bergamot and juicy grapefruit and delicate musk capture the clear, refreshing atmosphere of a hidden ocean haven.

A Drop of Ocean Fragrance Lamp

A Drop of Ocean Fragrance Lamp (£28.95)

Decorated with a fusion of aquas and blues, this Fragrance Lamp’s handcrafted mosaic surface resembles the warm and inviting waters of a mini tropical reef.

Sea Salt Reed Diffuser

Sea Salt Reed Diffuser (£18.00 £14.40)

A more invigorating take on the coastal scent, Sea Salt brings the clean scent of the sea into your home with crisp sea salt, airy aquatic accords and woody hints of vetiver, capturing the freshness of the English coastline.