Arashiyama Bamboo Gifts

Father’s Day is nearly upon us, so we’ve gathered together our top choices of fragrant gifts to treat Dad next Sunday. More specially selected gift ideas can be found in our Father’s Day section – use code DAD20 at checkout to receive 20% off all of our gift choices. 

Volcanic Clay & Amber Reed Diffuser

Volcanic Clay & Amber Reed Diffuser - £30.00

New this season from our Design Anthology, this reed diffuser makes a bold visual statement with its tropical line drawing of jungle foliage. It’s fragranced with calming Volcanic Clay & Amber, a spicy woody scent with notes of saffron, sandalwood, amber and orange, to create a botanical retreat within the home where Dad can unwind.

Arashiyama Bamboo Reed DiffuserArashiyama Bamboo Scented Candle

Arashiyama Bamboo Reed Diffuser & Scented Candle - £13.00 / £12.00

If your dad loves to travel, treat him to a fragrant trip overseas with this pair from The Scented Home collection, in one of our limited edition fragrances inspired by Japan. Evoking the tranquillity and natural splendour of Japan’s bamboo forests, Arashiyama Bamboo is a lush, woody fragrance created from precious notes of cedarwood and iridescent bergamot. Both diffuser and candle are patterned with Japanese inspired artwork to decorate the home.

Sir Hoppingsworth Luxury Scented Candle

Sir Hoppingsworth Luxury Scented Candle - £38.00

The height of gentlemanly luxury, this gold-topped candle features a dapper white rabbit on its quirky vessel. Fragranced with refined cognac, rich leather and woody notes, its scent conjures the distinguished realm of an English gentlemen’s study – perfect for adding a sophisticated air to any masculine domain.

Midnight Bamboo & Moroccan Spice Fragrance Lamp Gift Set

Midnight Bamboo & Moroccan Spice Fragrance Lamp Gift Set - £56.50 Currently £45.20

As well as releasing incredible fragrance into a room, Fragrance Lamps will also cleanse the air of unwanted smells, bacteria and mould spores thanks to their catalytic fragrancing method. This bold Fragrance Lamp features natural bamboo reeds suspended in polished midnight blackness. It’s paired with bestselling scent Moroccan Spice Lamp Fragrance, a rich and exotic blend of warm orange, spicy nutmeg scents and earthy sandalwood.