During lockdown a lot of us have entertained ourselves by turning our hands to some DIY home decorating while staying indoors. From rearranging a room, a fresh lick of paint on the walls or even trying our hands at upcycling old furniture, many of our homes are looking better than ever. But are they smelling better?

Add the finishing touch to your newly-transformed room with an inspiring fragrance to convey the mood you want. If you’ve redesigned your bedroom to be the ultimate in relaxation, complete the mood with a dreamy lavender fragrance. If you want to set a vibrant mood in a brightened-up interior turn to fragrances that match fruity scents with eye-catching design like new Yuzu & Coconut Water. Or if you want to give the ultimate glamourous finishing touch to a luxurious new lounge, try a sophisticated fragrance like White Velvet or Black Orchid.

Scented Candles Reed Diffuser

To really amp up your new décor, think about what fragrance method is best to use for your room too. Scented Candles are ideal for creating a cosy atmosphere with flickering light, ideally suited for unwinding in your bedroom or relaxing in the living room. While Reed Diffusers give a continual, subtler scent that works well for rooms that see a lot of short visits during the day like hallways and bathrooms. If you’re also dealing with lingering paint smells from a home decorating session, we suggest turning to our Fragrance Lamps.  These powerful home fragrancing devices remove those left over odours and replace them with a pleasing scent rather than attempting to cover up the unwanted smell.

Simply Spun Fragrance Lamp