It’s a sad time when the last few drops of your reed diffuser all dry up. You’ve enjoyed its pleasant aroma working away in the background, keeping your home smelling fresh. And it has been a joy to start each new day, rediscovering its fragrance as you enter the room it’s placed in. But that doesn’t really have to be the end. In just the same way as you wouldn’t get rid of your printer when you’ve run out of ink, or your stapler when you’ve run out of staples, your empty diffuser vessels still have plenty of life left in them. What’s more, an empty diffuser bottle is an opportunity for you to get creative!

Ashleigh & Burwood reed diffuser on a table

What you’ll need

All you need is a Diffuser Refill fragrance, some fresh reeds and if you want to give your diffuser a new look, a little creativity (this bit can be fun but is not essential).

Refill Diffuser Fragrance

Choose your Diffuser Refill Fragrance from a range of over 20 fragrances in The Scented Home collection. Make your choice from fresh & floral to spicy & woody and everything in between. Eight of our best-loved scents from The Scented Home collection are available in a larger 300ml size also, so you can stock up on fragrance that will refill your vessel more than once or fill an extra-large vessel. You can also buy any of our luxury fragrances from The Heritage Collection and Wild Things collection as Diffuser Refill Fragrances too.

The Scented Home reed diffuser refills


You can add a burst of personality to your new diffuser with our decorative 3D wooden heart reed or keep your diffuser traditional with our natural rattan reeds. All you have to do is select the reeds you would like for your new customised diffuser.

Scented Home reed difusers


Your diffuser may now be looking and smelling as good as it did when you first bought it, or it might be quite different if you’ve been experimenting with your reed and fragrance choice. Personalising your diffuser doesn’t have to stop there though. You could also add some faux flowers or foliage to your vessel, or if you have lots of time on your hands (and let’s face it many of us do right now) you could try drawing a pattern or writing a motto or message on your vessel before you refill it. Enjoy!

We would love to see how you have transformed you old diffusers.

From the Ashleigh & Burwood Team