Father's Day Gifts

Treat your dad this year with a luxurious fragranced gift from A&B! Father’s Day is coming up next Sunday on the 20th June, order now to get your gift in plenty of time. To inspire you in your gift-giving we’ve chosen some of our favourite refined, fragranced items that Dad will love to unwind with. Pairing rich scents with smart decorative touches these picks will create an ambience of refined sophistication and add style to the home.

Little Devil Fragrance Lamp Gift Set

Little Devil & Moroccan Spice Fragrance Lamp Gift Set (£37.95)

Using a unique catalytic method to release their fragrance, Fragrance Lamps are fast, effective, and one of few products that remove unwanted fragrances, from food odours to pet smells, rather than covering them up. These odour-busting abilities make them the ideal gift for house proud hosts, enthusiastic home-cooks with a fondness for aromatic dishes, or pet-owners whose furry family members leave a less-than-lovely fragrance behind them in the home.

This striking Lamp design features a split mosaic of sparkling silver and glistening black mosaic pieces in a monochrome design which will suit any home. Accompanying the Lamp is the sumptuous exotic scent of Moroccan Spice, a rich blend of orange, nutmeg and sandalwood notes.

Enchanted Forest Reed Diffuser & Scented Candle

Enchanted Forest Reed Diffuser (£13.00) and Scented Candle (£13.00)

Let Dad layer fragrance in the home with this matching pair of candle and diffuser in our Enchanted Forest scent. Capturing the enchantment of a secluded forest glade, Enchanted Forest features notes of eucalyptus leaf, vetiver, iris wood and spice enhanced by a bountiful base of tonka bean, amber, and moss. While the flame-free diffuser gives off a continuous scent to enhance the room, the scented candle can be lit to create a relaxing ambience and help Dad unwind.

Black Pepper & Amber Diffuser Gift Set

Black Pepper & Amber Reed Diffuser Gift Set (£28.50)

This refreshing, refined scent is a perfect gift for the sophisticated gent. Energetic notes of citrus and lively black pepper sparkle at the top of the fragrance, mingling with a deep cedarwood and vetiver scent that evokes the wood-panelled walls of a gentlemen’s club. The enlivening scent of Black Pepper & Amber is paired with a blue glass diffuser vessel in a swirling art deco inspired design set to make a style statement within the home.

White Cedar & Bergamot Diffuser and Scented Candle

White Cedar & Bergamot Reed Diffuser (£13.00) and Scented Candle (£13.00)

If your dad enjoys woody, aromatic scents, look to this diffuser and scented candle pairing which can be used to create an enveloping atmosphere of layered fragrance. Deep, invigorating base notes of mahogany and white cedarwood are accented by a warm core of spicy nutmeg and cinnamon, finished with a zingy bergamot top note to complete the scent of White Cedar & Bergamot.

Botanical Retreat Fragrance Lamp Gift Set

Botanical Retreat & Volcanic Clay & Amber Fragrance Lamp Gift Set (£41.00)

This stylish and eye-catching Lamp design feature a stunning botanical print of black and white line art depicting jungle landscapes. The fine detailed pattern adds a tropical nuance to any modern interior and would be a great gift for a green-fingered dad on Father’s Day. The Lamp comes paired with the fragrance of Volcanic Clay & Amber, a spicy woody scent characterized by notes of cinnamon, clove, saffron, sandalwood, amber and vanilla, and enhanced by a zest of lemon and orange. The evocative scent conjures up a fragrant voyage into the heart of the jungle, where exquisite aromas blend together under the lush foliage of the canopy above.