Mount Fuji, Japan

Over a month into lockdown, the idea of foreign travel feels a long way off. Despite some airlines promising flights abroad as early as June, it’s unlikely many of us will be booking an international getaway for a while. Although we can’t make use of our passports right now, a carefully chosen fragrance can provide that holiday escapism vibe at home. With a whole host of exotic scents in our repertoire, let us take you on a fragrant journey around the world in eight fragrances.

The Japanese Collection

First stop – Japan! We launched our Japanese Collection of fragrances earlier this year to celebrate the host country of the 2020 Olympics. We couldn’t have predicted that no one would be travelling to Tokyo for the Games, but we can still enjoy the scents of Japan from home. Explore the tranquillity of Japan's bamboo forests with Arashiyama Bamboo, a lush fragrance of precious cedarwood and iridescent bergamot. Take tea in style with Matcha Green Tea, an uplifting blend of aromatic green tea, orange and citrus inspired by Japan's intricate tea ceremonies. And finish your trip with a dive into calming clear spa waters with Yoshino Waters, a fresh, aquatic scent of brightening grapefruit and light floral notes.

Next, let’s head to the verdant landscape of India’s hills with lush gardens full of bright flowers. This blissful tropical paradise can be experienced through the scent of Tropical Garden, with fresh notes of green stems, balancing rich orange, jasmine and sandalwood. Continuing west to North Africa, we’ll explore the heart of Marrakesh with the scent of Moroccan Spice. This heady, exotic scent captures the exciting aromas of a hot souk with its rich blend of warm honey, orange and nutmeg spices.

Marrakesh, Morocco

For those of you who aren’t fond of the heat, we’ll take a detour over to Scandinavia and relax with Ice Spa. Like one of the famous ice hotels, this scent is cool and refreshing, featuring a wonderfully zingy combination of citrus notes, watermelon, grapefruit and ginger. To continue our European escape, let’s head down to the little island of Sicily and its famous lemon groves. The scent of the best lemons in the world is captured perfectly in one of our most popular fragrances, Sicilian Lemon, full of refreshingly zesty energy and notes of juicy lemons, limes and oranges with a hint of green geranium. Lastly, let’s end amongst the glamourous beaches of the French Riviera, lounging on pale sands while crystalline waves sparkle with sunlight. Breathe in the scent of refreshing sea air with Sea Breeze’s crisp, balmy fragrance of warm citrus, peppermint, and musk.

Saint-Tropez, France

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 Arashiyama Bamboo Reed DiffuserArashiyama Bamboo Lamp Fragrance Arashiyama Bamboo Scented Candle

 Matcha Green Tea DiffuserMatcha Green Tea Lamp Fragrance Matcha Green Tea Candle

 Yoshino Waters Reed DiffuserYoshino Waters Lamp Fragrance Yoshino Waters Scented Candle


Tropical Garden Lamp Fragrance


 Moroccan Spice Reed DiffuserMoroccan Spice Lamp Fragrance Moroccan Spice Incense


Ice Spa Lamp Fragrance


Sicilian Lemon Fragrance Oil Sicilian Lemon Lamp Fragrance Sicilian Lemon Car Freshener


Sea Breeze Lamp Fragrance Sea Breeze Fragrance Oil