Our cherished holidays and getaways seem far from our reach at present. We all look forward to time away; our chance to escape our everyday lives, time to relax, taking in new surroundings and making new memories. Now more than ever, most of us are longing to get out of the house and to getaway. To cheer you up, Ashleigh & Burwood has a few ideas (some of them a little humorous) to bring the holiday to your home.

The Scented Home collection offers a wide selection of reed diffusers retailing at £13 (much cheaper than a flight haha!) and lasting up to 3 months. So, whilst you're stuck in lockdown, why not sit back, relax and imagine you are on a beautiful beach with our Sea Spray Reed Diffuser?
This diffuser will remind you of sparkling blue waves rolling over pure white sands. Fresh coastal notes of sea salt and a hint of peppermint sparkle atop a heart of refreshing eucalyptus leaf, with a natural base of white musk that completes this airy fragrance.
The Sea Spray fragrance will bring the instant peacefulness you experience when you can hear the sea waves lapping the sandy shores, whilst reading your book on the soothing sand. You could even run yourself a bath and sit on the side with your feet dangling in the water and imagine you are sitting on the shore with your toes in the cool blue sea.

Tropical island beach with palm trees in the background

From The Artistry Collection our Sea Salt Reed Diffuser brings the clean scent of the sea into your home with crisp sea salt and airy aquatic accords. The name says it all. This Reed Diffuser was created to embody the memory of holidays with loved ones, surrounded by the easy breeze carried over an aqua blue sea. Place this diffuser in your home and enjoy the scents of vetiver and sea salt whilst planning your next family adventure.

This diffuser is presented in a sophisticated fluted glass vessel, topped with white fibre reeds for superior fragrance diffusion, bringing elegance to your home. Let your imagination work its magic and your senses go wild as you smell this evocative scent. Everyone has their own individual perception of fragrance and will each pick out and enjoy different fragrance notes to others. So whilst you’re on some down time with your family, why not pass around the diffuser, and invite everyone to say the first smell that comes to your mind. You may find that the results are varied and quite interesting!

If you really want to enter into the holiday spirit, you could put on a bikini (or your usual beachwear), sit in your bath with a homemade cocktail or smoothie, while you allow your Fragrance Lamp to pleasantly scent your surroundings. With our tropical Lamp Fragrance Coconut and Lychee, you can pretend you are on a tropical holiday enjoying fruity mojitos by the pool. This fragrance has notes of fresh creamy coconut, a heart of exotic flora with a nuance of lychee and vanilla giving you that summery sweetness. You could even add rock salt to your bath to add salty sea vibes to your tropical experience.

Iced drinks on an ice surface and half a grapefruit

Alternatively, use our Ice Spa Lamp Fragrance and pair with a facemask of your choice (with cucumber on your eyes of course!) and relax as you would if you were on a luxurious spa day.

Home Fragrance has a great way of tapping into our emotions and scents can affect our moods. When it comes to smelling fragrances there is never a right or a wrong answer on what your individual senses pick up on. Sit back, relax, let your senses run wild and enjoy all that Home Fragrance has to offer.

Love the Ashleigh & Burwood Team