Spraying Disinfectant

Since March most of us have spent our days sequestered inside, with just the occasional trip to the supermarket or allocated daily walk to take us outside. With lockdown restrictions lifting we’re now likely to be heading to the shops (remember your face mask!), to attractions and to see friends and family more and more, but we must still stay alert.

The relaxation of lockdown might make you feel uneasy, but keeping your home disinfected against coronavirus can be easier than you think. Thankfully, coronavirus is a lipid enveloped virus, which can be easily destroyed by soap, alcohol, or bleach.  Just following some simple steps like washing your hands, wiping down surfaces and using an Ashleigh & Burwood Catalytic Fragrance Lamp may help keep your home clean and protected so you can enjoy the looser guidelines safely.

Let’s dive into the three main areas that should be cleansed to keep up a coronavirus-free home.


If you’ve been outside you may have come into contact with coronavirus. Even if you’re masked up and meticulous about the two metre rule, you could still touch a surface infected with coronavirus and transfer the virus to your skin. You should always wash your hands as soon as possible when you get home, using soap and warm water and washing for longer than 20 seconds. Make sure you also wash face coverings after each use and regularly wash your clothes, especially those you’ve worn outside.

2. Surfaces in your home

Coronavirus may also be on surfaces within your home having been brought in on your skin, clothes or other items from outside or by any visitors you have. To guard against this, you should regularly clean the surfaces in your home with an alcohol based disinfectant or bleach solution, both of which are effective against coronavirus. An article published in the New England Journal of Medicine found that the virus can remain viable on cardboard for 24 hours, and plastic and stainless steel for up to 72 hours.  Wipe down everything you can, including regularly used surfaces like tables, countertops and desks as well as frequently touched areas like door handles, light switches, taps and the fridge door. In laboratory tests, using an Ashleigh & Burwood Catalytic Fragrance Lamp for half an hour destroyed up to 60% of active surface coronavirus on stainless steel.*

3. The air

The World Health Organisation has recently said there is “emerging evidence” of airborne coronavirus transmission from tiny aerosols breathed out by those infected. You can sanitise the air in your home with an Ashleigh & Burwood Catalytic Fragrance Lamp, a simple product proven to destroy an average of 97% of airborne coronavirus.* The Isopropyl alcohol (IPA) diffused by the Fragrance Lamp works like the alcohol found in hand sanitisers to destroy coronavirus particles in the air.

Fragrance Lamps are easy to use; first fill your Fragrance Lamp two-thirds full with Lamp Fragrance, either unfragranced Neutral or one of our many fragrances. Then insert your wick, replace the snuffer cap and leave the wick to soak up the fragrance. After 20-30 minutes, remove the snuffer cap and light the stone for 2-3 minutes, then blow out the flame and cover the stone with the decorative crown. Be careful as the stone is now hot and will remain hot (without the flame) as it continues to draw fragrance and IPA through the stone/wick assembly as part of the self-sustaining catalytic process.

The Fragrance Lamp’s catalytic process is now working to fragrance your home, and to clean the air in your home of coronavirus, as well as bacteria, dust mites, mould spores and odours. 30 minutes is all that’s needed for an average size room (20m2 floor size), so after half an hour switch your Fragrance Lamp off by carefully removing the decorative crown and covering the stone with the snuffer cap.

With lockdown guidelines relaxing, we can now socialise with another household inside while maintaining a social distance. However this does increase the chance of airborne coronavirus entering our home via an asymptomatic or recently infected friend. As a protective measure, light your Fragrance Lamp when friends or family visit to disinfect the air while they’re in your home. We’d suggest using a Fragrance Lamp as part of your Covid-19 cleaning ritual to cleanse the air after anyone outside your household enters your home, whether it’s a long visit from family or a brief call from a tradesperson.

 Soft Cotton Lamp Fragrance & The Pearl Fragrance Lamp

*Testing conducted under laboratory conditions by an AHIA accredited laboratory (ISO17025 compliant)