The Scented Home Reed Diffusers

An increasingly popular method of home fragrance, reed diffusers breathe a constant release of scent into your home. Unlike scented candles, reed diffusers require little to no supervision, simply set them up and they'll take care of themselves, ensuring that you and your guests are always greeted by fresh and beautiful fragrance.

Whilst some prefer reed diffusers to scented candles, they can also be used in conjunction with one another. You could simply opt to use a reed diffuser to create a constant core of fragrance in your home and light a complementing scented candle on occasion to fragrance layer!

Perfect for those seeking a constant release of quality fragrance, perfect for those who prefer flameless home fragrancing and perfect for those who want their home to smell gorgeous!

What is a Reed Diffuser?

A reed diffuser is typically an attractive vessel (quite often a bottle) containing a fragrance oil which reeds or rattan sticks are inserted into to help diffuse the fragrance from the vessel into your living space.

You can insert as many or as few reeds into your diffuser as you wish, you don't need to insert the entire packet! The more reeds you use can increase the scent throw, three or four reeds at first is usually a good start, leaving you with enough to gradually add as you require them. Scent throw is also dependent on the size of the room, the smaller the room you keep your reed diffuser in, the stronger the scent will be. Once the reeds have been inserted, be sure to wipe down your bottle and place something beneath it so that your surfaces are protected from any oil. Your reed diffuser will more or less take care of itself, but there are still ways to make sure it is working as hard as it can be!

  1. Position

Something as simple as carefully choosing where you place your reed diffuser can make a surprising amount of difference. The best way to position your reed diffuser is somewhere where it can utilise the air flow in your room, allowing the fragrance to circulate effectively. When choosing where to position your reed diffuser, always ensure it is out of reach of children and pets and somewhere where it is unlikely to be knocked over. You should also aim to avoid windows and radiators when positioning your reed diffuser, as heat can cause your fragrance to evaporate much faster!

  1. Flip the Reeds

If you find that the scent throw of your reed diffuser has reduced although there is still liquid in the vessel, try flipping all or some of the reeds. Reeds can become clogged or dusty over time and flipping them will help to keep your fragrance alive. You can flip your reeds every few days to refresh your fragrance if you wish, though the more you flip the faster the oil will evaporate (evaporation will also speed up if you keep your reed diffuser by a window). If you choose to flip your reeds, make sure you do so over a sink so as not to flick any oil onto furniture or worktops and ensure your hands are protected for example, with gloves.

So there you have it, reed diffusers really are as simple as they claim to be! With these two top tips you can ensure you're getting the most out of your home fragrance and create the atmosphere in your home that you long for.