Wedding couple

Fragrance is powerfully evocative in its ability to transport you to a certain place, time or occasion. We believe your wedding day is one you should be transported back to time and time again. After all, it's arguably one of the most important days of any man or woman’s life, but you also spent a heck of a lot of money on it and there is no way you’re just going to let it slip through your fingers. And we’re not talking about buying a new perfume here either, we’re talking about atmosphere. We’re talking about closing your eyes and inhaling, taking in the sounds, your feelings, the scents… by scenting your venue, you’re able to bottle up your memories of the day and relive them for years to come.

Scented candles are a classic way to fragrance a wedding, their subtle glow providing a romantic glimmer and gentle (flattering) light. Delicately distribute scent by placing candles in safe spots around the ceremony and reception. At the reception, make sure any fragrance is placed away from the food to avoid any sensory overload caused by a clash between smell and taste. Treat the food and the fragrance like a couple who split after they RSVP’d; they must be kept away from each other to avoid any conflict.

Carefully selected scents can be used to reinforce your wedding theme. The familiar scent of rose will complement a traditional wedding, marine notes are the perfect accompaniment to a beach setting, and floral accords work beautifully if you’re to wed alfresco. The wonderful thing about scenting your wedding is that you can gift your guests with a favour that is as personal as it is thoughtful. Scented candles, diffusers and ceramics make excellent wedding favours, their scent will allow your friends to reminisce of the fun they had, and your parents of one of the proudest days of their lives.

You may wish to coordinate your fragrance to your flora. This is a lovely way for the bride to ensure the ultimate flashback to walking down the aisle. Choosing a scent with notes of the flowers in your bouquet will transport you for years to come, reminding you not only of the fragrance around you, but of the smell of the bouquet clutched in your hands.

Scent truly provides the finishing touch, the spritz of perfume to complete your outfit before heading out the door. The only thing left to decide is: new or nostalgic? Do you veil your ceremony with a familiar fragrance that reminds you of ‘you’? Or with a new fragrance entirely, one to which you have no previous ties, that you will only ever associate with the big day? The choice is up to you.