For World Environment Day, we’re sharing the ways in which we’ve committed to making a smaller impact on the environment.

World Environment Day

The theme of World Environment Day 2019 is Air Pollution, something our purifying Fragrance Lamps can help you tackle in the home. Using a catalytic method of fragrancing, Fragrance Lamps help remove pollutants such as tobacco smoke, dust mites and mould spores from the air. However, while our Lamps may be keeping the air in your homes purified, like many of you, at Ashleigh & Burwood we’re increasingly concerned with the damaging effect our modern lifestyles have on the environment. So we’re implementing more sustainable and eco-friendly practices to do our part in reducing the impact our business has on the environment. We’re pleased to share that we have already taken steps towards our goal through several initiatives.

Eco-friendly delivery packaging

Many of our like-minded, eco-conscious customers have reached out to us recently with concerns about the loose fill pellets we use to keep items safe while our deliveries are in transit. We can assure you that the loose fill pellets we use are 100% corn starch, a renewable resource, and are 100% biodegradable. They can be disposed of in domestic or municipal compost and will even dissolve in water!

Energy conservation and recycling at A&B HQ

Helping starts at home, so we’ve also made some key changes at A&B HQ to reduce our energy use. We use motion-sensor lighting throughout the building, which switches off after a few minutes of no activity, ensuring that we never waste power with unnecessary lights. We’ve also invested in switching to energy conserving LED lighting. Another way we’ve significantly lowered our energy usage is by replacing heaters we use in our warehouse with infrared heaters, which directly heat people and the objects within the heating zone rather than the air.

Recyclable and reusable products

We offer refills for many of our products so that our Reed Diffusers, Wild Things Scented Candles and Car Fresheners can be reused again and again and the waste generated by these products reduced. Several of our products are also recyclable, including our Lamp Fragrance bottles, and our Earth Secrets and The Scented Home Reed Diffuser vessels.

We also offer reusable Ashleigh & Burwood tote bags made from hessian. This week we’re giving each order over £40 a complimentary reusable tote to use instead of plastic bags while out and about!

Although we’ve already made progress in making our business greener, we have big plans for the future too. Currently, we are actively working with our suppliers to reduce our packaging and to develop new packaging which uses greener materials.