Have you ever wanted to create a fragrance in your home that was unique to you?

Well with our Lamp Fragrances you can, blending together two scents will create a new, totally individual fragrance for your Fragrance Lamp!

Read more to find out how to create your own fragrance, plus some of our favourite ‘recipes’…

How to create your own scent

To create your own scent, you’ll need a Fragrance Lamp as well as two or more Lamp Fragrances of your choice (scroll down for some of our favourite combinations). Start by filling your Fragrance Lamp 1/3 full of your first Lamp Fragrance, then add 1/3 of your second Lamp Fragrance choice on top. Reinsert your wick and replace the snuffer cap.  Holding down the snuffer cap over wick, gently  swirl your Lamp to mix the two fragrances together. Once this step is complete you’ll need to let your wick soak up the fragrance for 20 minutes and continue to follow the usual Lamp instructions.

If you want to mix together more than two fragrances or for one fragrance to be stronger in your blend, adjust the ratio of fragrance you use accordingly.

Our favourite blends

If you’re not sure where to start with mixing up a fragrance of your own, why not try one of our favourite combinations?

Fresh Lemon

Black Forest

Peony Spice

Midnight Sea

White Iris