It's the little things...

With big events from family celebrations to musical festivals and globetrotting holidays cancelled, the simple joys of the little things in life have suddenly become clearer than ever. While staying in means we can’t explore the world and celebrate in person with our friends and family, the days inside are full of lots of small comforts.. Embrace a love of the little things and try some of these ideas to give you a lift.

Lit Artistry Collection Candle

Keep Calm and Comfy

Staying inside has never been so important as it is now, so here’s a few of our favourite things to create a cosy, relaxing atmosphere in the home.

  • Putting on your comfiest clothes – with nowhere to go, dress in whatever makes you feel the best
  • Light a scented candle to enjoy the fragrance and the gentle flicker of flame
  • Indulge in some escapism with your favourite book or film or discover a new story to get lost in

Keep ConnectedVideo Call

Staying apart is hard, but thanks to the wonders of modern technology there’s still plenty of ways to stay in touch.

  • Reach out to friends and family with an old photo of happy times together, a favourite song you know they’ll love too or just let them know you miss them
  • Create and host your own pub quiz over video chat. Grill your loved ones on their general knowledge or you can create personalised rounds to see how well you know each other.
  • Find a way to thank those that are your support during tough times. A little thing like this can mean a lot to them too.

Two Lamp Fragrances ready to be mixedKeep Creative

The pride that comes with finishing a creative project can give us a great boost to our mood.

  • You could use the extra time at home to learn a new skill like sewing, drawing or a new language
  • If you don’t have time for something new, rediscover an old passion you’ve fallen out of practice with
  • Turn your creative talents to refreshing your home environments. Something simple like switching up your home fragrance or mixing your Lamp Fragrances to create a blend unique to you can reinvigorate your perception of your home and the fragrance in it.