Unprecedented. Uncertain. Unsettling. We’ve been hearing those words a lot lately to describe these times we find ourselves in. However you choose to describe them, recent days have brought an increase in one emotion to many of us – stress. While our worries may not disappear overnight, we should still take time for some self-care and relaxation. Here are some of our best tips to help you unwind at home.

And breathe...

Get some space

For those of us who live with others, we’ve found ourselves spending a lot of time with them lately. As much as we love our new office mates and home students, we all need a little bit of space to ourselves to decompress. Send the rest of the household out for a walk or settle them in front of the TV and give yourself some you time. Take yourself to your own space for half an hour and enjoy some peace and relaxation.

Grey Cedar & Sandalwood Diffuser and Candle

Let fragrance help you unwind

You’ve probably heard that fragrance can affect your mood, including helping to induce feelings of calm. This was the inspiration behind our Relaxation Lamp Fragrance, a soothing blend made using essential oils of delicate geranium, wild lavender and clary sage. As well as the calming power of fragrance, the gentle flickering of candle light can create a relaxing environment to destress in, so light a candle to help you chill out.

Get outside if you can

Something many of us underestimated before lockdown is just how much fresh air and a walk outside can improve our mental health. If you’re able, make sure to get outside and keep active once a day with a short walk or cycle. Taking the time for these little bits of exercise doesn’t just stretch your legs, it gives you a break from the familiar scenery of the house and lets your mind unwind from the stresses of work and home.


Try some meditation or yoga

If you’ve been feeling your stress levels go up lately, engaging in mindfulness activities like meditation or yoga may help you regain some balance. Meditation focuses on improving your state of mind through mental exercises, while yoga combines this with gentle physical stretching. If you’ve never tried them before there are plenty of apps and videos designed for beginners, just search on YouTube or in your app store to find one to try.