As part of staying home and staying safe, lots of us have found our homes becoming our new offices, many for the first time. Even though WFH has many benefits – a non-existent commute and much comfier workwear to name a few – it’s also rife with distractions. While a well-chosen home fragrance won’t be able to take your phone out of your hand and stop you scrolling Instagram every five minutes, it can help you to create a focused, invigorated mood to keep you motivated at work. Here are our top choices for zesty, energising scents to help get you going in the morning and to help you stay productive as you work.

Working From Home

Energise Me Essential Oil Blend - £8.99

Energise Me Pure Essential Oil

Made from essential oils known to help give your brain a boost, this fragrance will kick start your day with an awakening blend of grapefruit, ginger and black pepper. Add a few drops to water in an Oil Burner during the morning to get your day off to a good start.

Sicilian Lemon Lamp Fragrance - from £7.50

Sicilian Lemon Lamp Fragrance

Full of zest, citrus scents like lemon are ideal for waking you up. This stimulating fragrance blends juicy lemons, limes and oranges with a herbaceous note of green geranium to lend an energised ambience to any room. Available in 250ml, 500ml and 1 litre sizes, use with any of our Fragrance Lamps for an instant refresh.

Orange Grove Reed Diffuser - £13.00

Orange Grove Reed Diffuser

Another fragrance with lots of revitalising citrus notes, Orange Grove features orange, mandarin and bergamot. Reed Diffusers are a low maintenance way to fragrance a space as unlike Scented Candles, Fragrance Lamps or Oil Burners they don’t require any flame to start the scent distribution.

Lime & Basil Lamp Fragrance - from £7.50

Lime & Basil Lamp Fragrance

Infuse your space with a tantalising burst of freshness with a Fragrance Lamp filled with Lime & Basil Lamp Fragrance. Blending invigorating lime with aromatic herbaceous notes of basil and reviving rosemary, it’s the perfect pick-me-up for giving you an extra burst an energy if you’re flagging after lunch.

Sea Spray Reed Diffuser - £13.00

Sea Spray Reed Diffuser

If you’re not of fan of citrus notes, try this fresh coastal fragrance instead. The clean scent of sea salt and a hint of invigorating peppermint sparkle atop a heart of refreshing eucalyptus leaf for an airy, uplifting fragrance.

Matcha Green Tea Scented Candle - £12.00

Matcha Green Tea Scented CandleZesty and refreshing, our Matcha Green Tea scent is an uplifting blend of aromatic green tea, orange and citrus, inspired by Japan’s tradition of intricate tea ceremonies. Light it in the afternoon if you feel yourself losing focus and becoming distracted from tasks.