1. Get dressed (even if you’re just changing from your nighttime pyjamas to your work-from-home pyjamas)

Sticking to routines like getting dressed every day will help you feel more like you’re going to work, rather than just rolling out of bed and commuting to the sofa, and help get you into a working mindset

2. Make a to-do list

Working from home can be full of distractions, from long chats with the roommates you’re now sharing an office with to the latest binge-able TV series just a click away. Making a list of everything you want to achieve at the start of each day can help you fend off distractions and stay focused on the day’s goals.

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3. Use the power of fragrance

Essential oils like our Focus My Mind and Energise Me blends can help boost your concentration and energy throughout the day. Focus My Mind blends together lemon for concentration, energising thyme and brain-boosting rosemary essential oils. Use in an oil burner to create a focused home-office atmosphere. 

4. Keep to a schedule

While working from home can lead to you becoming unfocused during work time, the opposite is just as common with work encroaching on your off-hours. To avoid this, make sure to set clear working hours and stick to them, including a set lunch break. If possible, create a separate work area for your work-from-home set up to make it easier to step back from the screens when the workday is over.

Work from home desk area

5. Stay social even while social distancing

It’s vitally important now that we all keep as isolated as possible from others to prevent the spread of coronavirus. However, for many of us working from home and staying apart from those we see every day will lead to increased feelings of loneliness. So make sure to keep in touch with your team while you’re apart. Aside from email, set up a team chat for firing off quick messages and checking in with each other and schedule video calls to stay connected and keep conversations flowing. 

Good luck to everyone working from home! While this is new for many of us and it can be a struggle at times, by staying in we’re all playing our part in keeping everyone in our communities safe.