Diffuser and Candle in the home

The New Year always brings with it a craving for fresh starts and new changes with each of us making resolutions big and small. As we’re once again staying home, your own four walls are the perfect place to begin a seasonal refresh. Here are a few easy changes that you can make to help update and refresh your home for 2021.


1. Create a new layout

Rather than splurging on new furniture, try moving around the pieces you currently own. Easiest to do in rooms like the living room or bedroom, reconfiguring a space can help it feel like an entirely new room without spending a penny. With the purpose of many of our rooms having changed over the last year, from bedroom offices to classroom kitchens, take some time to think about how you use each room and how a different layout could help make life easier. And you don’t have to be a feng shui master to make a difference, even a small task like decluttering side tables or rearranging the kitchen cupboards to get rid of things you don’t use anymore can help your furniture feel refreshed and more effective in the home.


Lavender Diffuser

2. Refresh the mood with a new fragrance

Our sense of smell is a key influence on our mood, so a new fragrance in the home can be a quick and simple way to rejuvenate a room and create your desired home vibe. If you want a comfy, cosy feeling in the living room, look to scented candles with their soft, relaxing glow. For a comforting fragrance, we’d suggest warm, woody notes like those found in Grey Cedar & Sandalwood or Volcanic Clay & Amber.

In the kitchen, a Fragrance Lamp can help banish lingering foods odours and a fresh scent will bring a clean, cheerful feeling to the room – try bestseller Sicilian Lemon. For your bedroom, we recommend a gentle, comforting fragrance that will help you drop off – we’d opt for a lavender reed diffuser, as this floral scent is well known for its relaxing properties. 


3. Bring in some different decorations to brighten the room

Upcycled plant pots from candles

While you might want to take on a bigger project like painting the walls, changes to the look of a room can also be felt from smaller updates to your décor. If you’re bored of the art on your walls, look for different prints or choose some new ones to create a striking gallery wall. You could even get crafty yourself and learn a new skill to create some decorative artwork, like painting or cross-stitch.

Fresh décor doesn’t necessarily have to be purchased new either. If you want a more eco-friendly method of refreshing home, look around and see what you could upcycle! We’ve found that burnt down candle vessels can be repurposed into colourful tea-light holders, handy desk tidies and pretty plant pots to add a green-fingered touch to your room.