This week the world is celebrating World Wellbeing Week, an event which aims to bring increased awareness to the many, wide-ranging aspects of wellbeing. In recent times we’ve all become increasingly aware of our own wellbeing, how effected it can be by our environment and how important it is to take time to improve our overall wellbeing.

One way to improve your wellbeing is to relax at home with the scent of the transformative essential oils found in our range of Essential Oil Lamp Fragrances.

Relaxation Lamp Fragrance

What are essential oils?

Essential oils are highly concentrated natural oils which are extracted from a plants via distillation. Essential oils have the characteristic fragrance and healing properties of the parent plant. Essential oils have been used as a core part of medicine since ancient times and have been adopted by modern science as a more natural, holistic approach to wellbeing and mental health.

How can essential oils help you relax at home?

The olfactory nerve (a nerve that conveys sensory information related to smell) is linked to the emotional centre of the brain; this is why smell is so intrinsically linked to memories and has such a direct impact on your mood. This is why fragrance, particularly the concentrated scents of essential oils, can affect your mood, including helping to induce feelings of calm.

Essential Oil Fragrances and Lamps

The calming power of essential oils was the inspiration behind our Relaxation Lamp Fragrance, a soothing blend made using essential oils of delicate geranium, wild lavender and clary sage to relax your senses and relieve stress. It also inspired the relieving and peaceful blend of our Sleep Lamp Fragrance, a blend of sweet lavender, petitgrain and 

clary sage essential oils to relax and ease your mind and body into a wonderfully restful sleep. Romance Lamp Fragrance draws on the soothing abilities of essential oils as well setting a relaxed, romantic tone with its unique blend of rose, bergamot and sandalwood essential oils.

What are the benefits of these essential oils?

Native to Europe, Africa, the Middle East and Asia, the scent of the lavender plant is one of the most well-known and widely used natural sources for inducing a peaceful sleep and relaxed mood. Derived from an herb native to the Mediterranean, clary sage helps alleviate stress and induce a feeling of well-being, and can even help reduce the stress hormone cortisol. While you may know them better as beautiful flowers in English gardens, geranium essential oil also helps to alleviate stress and anxiety as does rose essential oil. Each of these soothing essential oils can be found in our Essential Oil Lamp Fragrances, a natural way to relax at home and improve your wellbeing through the power of scent.