If you’re looking for a Hallowe’en home fragrance that’s a little more unique than the usual pumpkin spice, whipping up your own special scent may be the answer.

Ashleigh and Burwood Fragrance Oils (£2.75 each) can easily be mixed together to create a new, unique fragrance. The finished mix can then be sprinkled on pot pourri or a tissue or placed in an oil burner in order to scent your home.

There are plenty of Fragrance Oils to get creative with and mix into exciting new combinations. Here are a few spooky cocktails we’ve come up with for Hallowe’en…


Ingredients: 2 drops of Black Raspberry Fragrance Oil and 2 drops of Red Velvet Rose Fragrance Oil.

Throughout its long history within the Gothic imagination, the vampire has possessed a dangerous sensuality, which is embodied in this dark blend of juicy fruit and heady floral notes. haunted-house

Ingredients: 1 drop of White Tea Fragrance Oil, 1 drop of Jasmine Fragrance Oil and 1 drop of Fresh Linen Fragrance Oil.

Fresh Linen provides a fun nod towards ghosts’ traditional sheet-clad image, but combining it with the elegant scent of White Tea and night-blooming Jasmine results in a haunting scent. witchs-brew-1

Ingredients: 1 drop of Sandalwood Fragrance Oil, 1 drop of Oriental Spice Fragrance Oil & 1 drop of Patchouli Fragrance Oil.

Hubble, bubble… Create your own scented potion with this mix of musky florals, warm woody notes and a sprinkle of spice.