It’s where we get ready in the morning, where we wash away the day in the evening and where we go to relax with a hot shower or a long bath. But there's no denying the bathroom can also attract unwanted smells from everyday use. Reduce these undesirable odours and help your bathroom smell good with our purifying Fragrance Lamps; the Lamps use an innovative catalytic process to cleanse the air of nasty odour particles rather than masking them with another fragrance.* While they're doing away with unwanted aromas the Lamps can simultaneously replace the smells in the room with a new scent to create your desired atmosphere. In the bathroom we find cool, fresh and clean fragrances with citrus, aquatic or green notes are the best for enhancing the refreshing nature of the room and making the bathroom feel and smell good. 

Aquatic scents are a natural fit for the bathroom with their cool and refreshing feel, conjured up by a blend of light watery and ozonic notes. Sea Breeze 500ml Lamp Fragrance (£12.99 £9.74) is one of our favourite aquatic fragrances, a crisp, balmy scent which evokes the refreshing feel of sea air. Warm citrus notes combine with hints of peppermint, jasmine and musk to create a wonderfully exhilarating scent that's fantastic for waking you up in the morning ready for the day ahead and helping the bathroom smell good when used in one of our Fragrance Lamps. 

Yoshino Waters 500ml Lamp Fragrance (£12.99 £10.39) is another watery wonder that works well in the bathroom with its scent of crystal clear spa waters, light, velvety floral notes and brightening grapefruit. The fresh fragrance, which is also available as a reed diffuser (£13.00 £10.40), is inspired by the soothing beauty of Japan's natural landscapes and conjures a relaxed mood great for creating a calm headspace.

For a fruity fragrance-lover’s take on a refreshing wake-me-up scent, we recommend Ice Spa 500ml Lamp Fragrance (£12.99), a wonderfully zingy combination of citrus notes, hints of watermelon, grapefruit and neroli for a tropical boost to your morning. Subtle notes of ginger and amber give an extra tangy dimension to this awakening scent and keep the bathroom smelling good and clean. 

If you’re craving a greener scent for the bathroom, Green Bamboo 500ml Lamp Fragrance (£12.99) will bring some of the outside in with its botanic scent, reminiscent of the sunny verdant aroma of freshly cut grass. The gentle scent of green bamboo is complemented with notes of clean cucumber and citrusy lemongrass and bergamot for a light and pleasant fragrance that helps the bathroom smell fresh and fragrant. 

Lastly, if banishing the bad smells in the bathroom without introducing a fragrance is your preference, our Neutral 500ml Lamp Fragrance (£10.50) is the perfect option to neutralise odours and purify the air without adding scent. This ‘fragrance’ removes unwanted odour particles like other Lamp Fragrances but doesn’t contain any additional fragrance elements, leaving behind unfragranced but purified air to make your bathroom smell good without undesirable odours.


*When tested against common household odours, the Ashleigh & Burwood Fragrance Lamp was effective at reducing dog and cat odours by 80% after 30 minutes of exposure and food spoilage odours by 40% after 30 minutes of exposure. Testing conducted under laboratory conditions by an AIHA-LAP, LLC accredited laboratory (ISO 17025 compliant)