Amber & Honeyed Woods Diffuser Gift Set

As we head into a new season of the year, we’re welcoming a new fragrance to the nostalgic scents of The Heritage Collection. With golden notes of rich fruits, oakwood and warm amber, Amber & Honeyed Woods is the perfect accompaniment to the bronzing leaves and dusky evenings of autumn.

In the glow of early autumn sunshine, take a walk beneath the bronze and crimson leaves of a great orchard. The sweet, honeyed scents of rich harvest fruits mingle with the earthy fragrance of majestic oakwood and warm amber, transporting you to a timeless forest haven.‎

‏‏‎ ‎Autumn woods ‎

The Heritage Collection is a range of beautifully designed fragrances which infuse a sense of pure luxury into the home and elegant, Art Deco-inspired glass vessels which bring the character of a bygone era into the modern age. Warm and comforting, the collection’s nostalgic fragrances will take you on a sensory journey transporting you to a forgotten time.

 ‎Amber & Honeyed Woods Diffuser, Candle and Lamp


Amber & Honeyed Woods is available across the collection; as a Luxury Scented Candle (£22) with a gold interior to create a warming glow, as a Diffuser Fragrance Refill (£14.50) that can be paired with a matching glass Decorative Diffuser Vessel in Amber (£18.00) or another shade.  For a more giftable option, this season also sees the unveiling of new Diffuser Gift Sets in The Heritage Collection, including Amber & Honeyed Woods (£28.50).

We are also adding our popular, purifying Fragrance Lamps to The Heritage Collection, offering spiral glass lamps (£28.95) as well as Lamp Fragrances in all of the collection’s scents, including Amber & Honeyed Woods  (£7.50/£12.99)