Boozy fragrances are now officially en vogue with beauty giants like Marc Jacobs and Tom Ford releasing alcohol-scented perfumes. However, for many of us spending the day wafting around the scent of whisky is not exactly ideal. Another way to incorporate the trend is to bring the scent of spirits into the home, where the smell of the alcohol-inspired fragrance Cognac and Leather adds a relaxed and luxurious air.

Alcoholic scents are designed to evoke the emotions and atmosphere of the spirits that inspired them, whether that’s the bubbly mood of champagne or the speakeasy scene conjured by a smoky whisky scent. Cognac and Leather evokes a distinguished air of relaxation, and its notes of rich leather and intense wood bring forth an image of the luxury of an antique drawing room.

The perfumes that are a part of this trend tend look to intoxicating notes of bourbon and rum for a warm, sensual effect. To bring a similar influence to the home, the heady fragrance of cognac at the heart of Cognac and Leather inspires the same rich, warming feel.


Cognac and Leather Lamp Fragrance, £12.60