February is a big month for flowers. Beautiful bouquets shrouded with different meanings and emotions are exchanged as a token of love and affection. But did you know that everything from the origin of a flowers name to its distinct characteristics are infused with symbolism? Each bouquet tells its own story that deserves to be cherished. Spoil your valentine this year with a floral gift that’ll last far longer than a bouquet.

Bluebells Lily (1).jpg

Symbolic of everlasting love, constancy and gratitude. Bluebells are thought to call for the fairies when rung and are sometimes referred to as “fairy thimbles”!

Bluebell Wood, £13.49.

Jasmine Lily (2)

Jasmine is found in many parts of the world and consequently has a number of different meanings. White jasmine is typically associated with attachment and sensuality, due to its beautiful scent. Many also believe jasmine to symbolise amiability, modesty and humbleness.

Olive Branch and Jasmine & Tuberose Gift Set, £24.99.



Lilies are often present at weddings, representative of partnerships, long lasting love, fertility and nurturing, consequently they’re the perfect flower to give to mothers and brides-to-be. The lily is also thought to be a way of communicating the feeling of “being in heaven” with your partner.

Lily & Jasmine, £13.49.


Lily (3).jpg

A symbol of exotic beauty and femininity, the orchid represents love, luxury and strength, and is thought to be an expression of thoughtfulness.

Freesia & Orchid Heart Pomander, £12.99.


Lily (4).jpg

Peonies are traditionally the 12th wedding anniversary flower. Associated with riches, honour, romance and prosperity, they’re regarded as an omen of good fortune and happy marriage.

Peony, £13.49.


Lily (5).jpg

Roses are a favourite during this time of year, particularly red roses, which symbolise deeply romantic and passionate love. In fact, red roses are the only flower to plain and simply convey the message “I love you with all of my heart”.

A Thousand Rose Petals, £13.49.

Pink roses on the other hand, express affection and admiration, often used to convey joy in congratulations bouquets or for new mothers. When combined with darker shades, pink roses also express appreciation or gratitude.


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