On Friday 17th June, we’re taking another step on our exciting journey as we move to our brand new home near the River Thames. From humble beginnings, Ashleigh & Burwood has come a long way since its conception nearly 25 years ago. A family-run company, we’ve always strived to create beautiful home fragrance products you’ll be proud to display in your home.

Discover our story and join us on the next step of our journey!

Our Story

It all began in a leafy London suburb in 1993. Father and son, John and Andrew Nettleton, resolved to form a little British company that valued all the things they do – family, fragrance, quality, creativity and heritage. The Ashleigh & Burwood name itself is derived from local place names significant to the Nettleton family, and it’s these same values that have shaped us into the brand we are today.

Ashleigh & Burwood comes from humble beginnings, starting its life in the Nettleton’s family home where the duo created their own potpourri and fragrance oils. Come 2005, the Ashleigh & Burwood passion for innovative design led us to become one of the first companies in the UK to introduce what was a brand new fragrance concept to our range – the reed diffuser! Ever determined to stay ahead of the game for the UK market, we later went on to become the first UK supplier of Fragrance Lamps, a unique product which not only fragrance’s but purifies the air in your home. This would subsequently become the creation Ashleigh & Burwood are best known for.

Since conception, Ashleigh & Burwood has continued to grow as a home fragrance brand, having undertaken a number of exciting collaborations and expanding our ranges, from Fragrance Lamps and Reed Diffusers to hand-poured Scented Candles, Essential Oils, Ultrasonic Diffusers and Ceramics. But we’re not stopping there.

Just six months in, 2016 has already been an exhilarating year for us at Ashleigh & Burwood. From picking up an award at the prestigious Greats Awards to becoming the largest independently owned UK home fragrance supplier, we remain a growing company motivated by creating high quality products at affordable prices that our customers will cherish. Now we’re preparing to move into our new headquarters, an exciting step in the Ashleigh & Burwood tale.

With the growth of our brand and a number of new members joining the team, it’s time to head to a brand new site the Ashleigh & Burwood family can get settled into. But don’t worry – we’re not moving too far. Ashleigh & Burwood began as a family company and we continue to view it this way. It’s of upmost importance to the Nettleton’s that the whole team be part of the move. Our new home is consequently just round the corner – with plenty more space to continue designing and creating the home fragrance you can’t get enough of!

We're thrilled that you are with us as we embark on the next exciting chapter in the Ashleigh & Burwood story!