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Ashleigh & Burwood – Ethical Policy

This is the Ethical Policy of Ashleigh & Burwood. It is based on extensive research and reflects the company’s concerns about human rights and the environment. It also informs our choice of client, partners and suppliers.

Human Rights

Through our activities, we seek to support the principles of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. In line with this, we will not purchase from, or supply to:

  • any government or business which fails to uphold basic human rights within its sphere of influence
  • any business whose links to an oppressive regime are a continuing cause for concern

The Arms Trade

We will not supply to, or purchase from, any business involved in:

  • the manufacture or transfer of armaments to oppressive regimes
  • the manufacture of torture equipment or other equipment that is used in the violation of Human Rights

Corporate Responsibility

We advocate support for the Fundamental International Labour Organisation Conventions. In line with these, we will seek to support businesses which take a responsible position with regard to:

  • fair trade
  • labour rights in their own operations and through their supply chains in developing countries
  • We will not support:
  • irresponsible marketing practices in developing countries
  • tobacco product manufacture n.b. Our two key partners have passed and comply with SA8000 (Social Ordered)

Genetic Modification

We will not supply to, or purchase from, any businesses involved in the development of genetically modified organisms (GMOs), where, in particular, the following issues are evident:

  • uncontrolled release of GMOs into the environment
  • any negative impacts on developing countries; in particular, the imposition of 'Terminator' technologies
  • patenting; in particular, of indigenous knowledge
  • cloning; in particular, of animals for non-medical purposes

Ecological Impact

We will not supply to, or purchase from, any business whose core activity contributes to:

  • global climate change, through the extraction or production of fossil fuels
  • the manufacture of chemicals which are persistent in the environment and linked to long term health concerns
  • the unsustainable harvest of natural resources, including timber and palm oil
  • Furthermore, we will seek to support businesses involved in:
  • recycling and sustainable waste management
  • renewable energy and energy efficiency
  • sustainable natural products and services, including timber and organic produce
  • the pursuit of ecological sustainability

Animal Welfare

We will not supply to, or purchase from, any business involved in:

  • animal testing of cosmetic or household products or ingredients
  • intensive farming methods
  • blood sports, which involve the use of animals or birds to catch, fight or kill each other
  • the fur trade
  • Furthermore, we will seek to support businesses involved in:
  • the development of alternatives to animal experimentation
  • farming methods which promote animal welfare


We will regularly review these and other issues and develop our Ethical Policy accordingly. On occasion, we will make decisions on specific business, involving ethical issues not included in our Ethical Policy.

John Nettleton, Managing Director