Fragrance Lamps FAQ

General Information

Fragrance Lamp Instructions

  1. Stand your Fragrance Lamp on a spill and heat resistant surface. Remove the crown, snuffer cap and wick/stone. Using the funnel provided, fill your Fragrance Lamp up to 2/3 full with Ashleigh & Burwood Lamp Fragrance.
  2. Insert the wick into your Fragrance Lamp. Place the snuffer cap over the stone. If this is not covered the Lamp Fragrance will evaporate and the Fragrance Lamp will not perform as it should. Allow 20-30 minutes for the wick to absorb the liquid.
  3. Place your Fragrance Lamp on a heat resistant surface in a well-ventilated area and away from any combustible or flammable materials (including your bottle of Lamp Fragrance). Remove the snuffer cap and ensure the wick sits flat in the crimp, not at an angle or partly dislodged. Light the stone. Do not prod or poke your wick while lighting. Never leave a burning Fragrance Lamp unattended, as the flame height may reach up to 15cm.
  4. After 2-3 minutes blow out the flame. Never cover the open flame with the snuffer cap or decorative crown as you may burn yourself or damage your Fragrance Lamp. Please also ensure you don’t knock or touch the stone. The stone is now very hot. It will remain hot, without flame, as it continues to draw fragrance through the wick.
  5. Use the supplied decorative crown to cover the stone. Your Fragrance Lamp is now working to clean the air in the room and fragrance your home. Do not move your Fragrance Lamp or touch the metal neck or wick whilst in use.
  6. After a recommended time of 30 minutes you should 'switch off' your Fragrance Lamp. To do this remove the decorative crown, taking care as it may be very hot, and carefully cover the hot stone with the snuffer cap. This will prevent the remaining Lamp Fragrance in your Fragrance Lamp evaporating whilst not in use. Do not move your Fragrance Lamp for at least 30 minutes whilst it cools.

Fragrance Lamp Care & Cleaning

The outside of your Fragrance Lamp can be easily cleaned using a proprietary furniture or glass polish. Always ensure that the snuffer cap is on your Fragrance Lamp and that your Fragrance Lamp is cool before cleaning.

Cleaning the wick/stone

Occasionally the stone of your Fragrance Lamp may become clogged with Lamp Fragrance, inhibiting the catalytic action. If this happens you will need to clean the wick/stone using the following method. You should always clean your wick/stone away from naked flames and in a well-ventilated area.

  1. Make sure the stone is completely cool before starting the cleaning process. Remove the wick/stone from your Fragrance Lamp, lifting it by the collar and leave to dry.
  2. Once dry, place in a small ceramic or glass dish. Cover the stone with Ashleigh & Burwood Neutral Lamp Fragrance.
  3. Allow to stand for 30 minutes. You may see the Lamp Fragrance become slightly yellow in colour, which is a sign that the liquid is drawing out any impurities from the stone.
  4. Remove the wick/stone from the dish and discard the remaining Lamp Fragrance. You should never use this 'cleaning' liquid in a Fragrance Lamp. Leave the wick/stone to dry before using in your Fragrance Lamp.

This will dissolve the Lamp Fragrance trapped in the stone. A longer period of time may be required for more heavily clogged stones. Alternatively, fill your Fragrance Lamp with Neutral Lamp Fragrance and use in the normal way for 30 minutes. This will clear the stone. Never use water to clean the wick.

Please note that in some cases cleaning the wick may not solve the problem and a replacement wick will be necessary.

If you would like further information, suggestions, or any help or advice in using your Fragrance Lamp, please don't hesitate to Contact Us and we’ll be very happy to help.

How to change Lamp Fragrances

We say not to use the Fragrance Lamp until empty as it can damage the wick. If you have any of the previous Lamp Fragrance left in your Fragrance Lamp which you do not wish to use you can follow these instructions:

  1. Make sure your Fragrance Lamp is completely cool. Remove the wick (placing it on a spill-resistant surface), and carefully pour any remaining Lamp Fragrance from your Fragrance Lamp back into the original Lamp Fragrance bottle, using the funnel provided.
  2. Allow the wick to air-dry overnight or pour 50ml/1.7 fl oz Ashleigh & Burwood Neutral Lamp Fragrance into the Fragrance Lamp, insert the wick and follow general instructions for use. This will neutralise the Fragrance Lamp ready for your new choice of Lamp Fragrance.
  3. Using the funnel provided, pour the new Lamp Fragrance into your Fragrance Lamp.

How to remove the Lamp Fragrance safety cap

How to open your lamp fragrance

About my Fragrance Lamp

What are Fragrance Lamps and how do they work?

Fragrance Lamps are a unique and highly effective way of cleansing and fragrancing the air in your home. Fragrance Lamps work by using catalytic combustion, a method originally invented in the 1890s to disinfect the air in hospitals. This unique process actively kills bacteria and micro-organisms, and eliminates bad odours whilst at the same time delivering long lasting fragrance into the air.

Do Ashleigh & Burwood Fragrance Lamps really purify the air?

Yes, our Fragrance Lamps really do help to cleanse and purify the air. Independent tests conducted for us give the following results for the destruction of common household microorganisms after testing in laboratory conditions.


E.coli: 99% destroyed after 30 minutes

S. aureus: 99% destroyed after 30 minutes

E. aerogenes: 99% destroyed after 30 minutes

Dust Mites:

D. farina: 99% destroyed after 30 minutes

Mould Spores:

S. chartarum: 96% destroyed after 30 minutes

Tobacco Smoke:

99.9% removal of tobacco smoke particles after 30 minutes

Unwanted Odours:

Dog: 80% reduction in odour after 30 minutes of exposure

Cat: 80% reduction in odour after 30 minutes of exposure

Food spoilage odours: 40% reduction in odour after 30 minutes of exposure

Parts of my Fragrance Lamp

What are the parts of my Fragrance Lamp?

Parts of the fragrance lamp

The crown covers the hot stone to prevent accidental contact. Various designs are available.

The snuffer cap covers the stone. This prevents Lamp Fragrance from evaporating when the Fragrance Lamp is not in use. It is also used to cover the hot stone to turn the Fragrance Lamp "off".

The retainer is a small metal clip that holds the stone, collar and wick together. You should never remove the retainer.

The stone is made of a special porous ceramic material coated in platinum and other rare metals.

The collar supports the stone and secures the wick in place.

The wick carries Lamp Fragrance from the body to the stone.

The assembly is a group name for the wick, collar, stone and retainer.

The neck is a metal crimp attached to the Fragrance Lamp body which supports the assembly.

The body is the main part of the Fragrance Lamp that holds the Lamp Fragrance.

Where can I get a replacement wick?

You can order a small or large replacement wick from the shop where you originally bought your Fragrance Lamp, any retailer of Ashleigh & Burwood Fragrance Lamps or online from our website. You can find replacement wicks on our Accessories & Replacements page.

What size wick do I need?

Small Fragrance Lamps use small wicks, whilst Large and Extra Large Fragrance Lamps use large wicks.

If you are unsure of the wick size you need, please see the below size guide and compare to your current wick.

Wick size guide

Styles of wicks

Different styles of wicks


How do I remove the wick?

Always ensure that the stone is completely cooled before touching it. Pull the wick out by holding the collar to remove the whole wick/stone in one piece.

What is the snuffer cap for?

This is one of the most important parts of your Fragrance Lamp. It is used to cover the stone to stop the Fragrance Lamp working. It should always be put on the Fragrance Lamp whenever the Fragrance Lamp is not in use. If you do not cover the stone fully when the Fragrance Lamp is not in use, any Lamp Fragrance in the Fragrance Lamp will continue to be fed to the stone where it will evaporate, leaving concentrated fragrance in your stone. This is the most common way that the stone stops working as the micro-pores in the stone become blocked with Lamp Fragrance. If this has happened, follow the instructions on cleaning the wick/stone above.

Should I remove the metal clip on the wick?

No, this is a very important part of your Fragrance Lamp. If you remove it the stone will not stay lit and your Fragrance Lamp will not work correctly.

Using my Fragrance Lamp

How long should I use my Fragrance Lamp for?

We recommend 30 minutes. This will easily fill a 16m² floor size room with fragrance.

Can I leave my Fragrance Lamp on all the time?

No. You should not leave your Fragrance Lamp on for more than 30 minutes at a time. Extended periods of use can damage your Fragrance Lamp.

How much Lamp Fragrance should I put in my Fragrance Lamp?

Do not fill your Fragrance Lamp more than 2/3 full of Lamp Fragrance or spillage may occur. If you do overfill your Fragrance Lamp, carefully pour the excess back into the Lamp Fragrance bottle, wipe down the Fragrance Lamp with a damp cloth and replace the wick/stone.

How big should the flame be when I start my Fragrance Lamp?

You should expect a flame of up to 15cm when you light your Fragrance Lamp.

How long will the stone stay hot for?

The stone will stay hot while there is Lamp Fragrance remaining or until covered with the snuffer cap. It will take 30 minutes for the stone to fully cool. Please don't move the Fragrance Lamp during this time.

Can I use my Fragrance Lamp around children or pets?

Yes. Make sure you follow the included safety instructions and keep your Fragrance Lamp out of reach of children or pets, so that there is no risk of the Fragrance Lamp being knocked over or touched.

Always place your Fragrance Lamp on a flat stable surface. Always ensure the crown is on the Fragrance Lamp when it is in use to prevent contact with the hot stone.

How long will my Fragrance Lamp last?

Your Fragrance Lamp will last indefinitely as long as the body or neck is not damaged. However you will eventually need to replace the wick/stone. Provided it is used exclusively with Ashleigh & Burwood Lamp Fragrances, the instructions are followed and the Fragrance Lamp is not misused, then each assembly will last for around 250 uses.

Can I leave my Fragrance Lamp filled if I am not going to use it for a long time?

If you know you will not be using your Fragrance Lamp for extended periods of time, it is best to leave it empty. Pour any surplus Lamp Fragrance carefully back into the original bottle, using the funnel supplied with your Fragrance Lamp. Leaving a Fragrance Lamp filled for extended periods may cause Lamp Fragrance to accumulate in the stone making it difficult to light. If you have any problems lighting the stone after extended periods without use, follow the instructions for cleaning the wick/stone above.

Lamp Fragrances

What are Ashleigh & Burwood Lamp Fragrances made from?

The basis of our Lamp Fragrances and the important fuel which keeps the catalytic process working is an alcohol called isopropyl alcohol. This is a very common alcohol and is often used in hospital anti-bacterial handwashes. The other ingredients are distilled water and the fragrance compound itself.

Are Ashleigh & Burwood Lamp Fragrances made from natural ingredients?

In our products you will find that natural and synthetic ingredients are used alongside each other to produce the most safe and effective product for you to enjoy; a practice that is standard across the Home Fragrance industry.

All chemicals, synthetic oils, essential oils and other ingredients we use are strictly regulated by the EU, and we fully comply with these regulations when developing and producing all of our products, taking into consideration the potential harmfulness of an oil or chemical in its original state and its effect on us and the environment when in use.

Many natural essential oils have powerful effects on the mind and body, and can be harmful when used at an incorrect dosage or dilution. In some cases, a synthetic alternative can be the safer choice.

If you are concerned, and would prefer to use only natural fragrance oils, we recommend our Essential Oil Lamp Fragrances which combine natural essential oils with our normal alcohol base.

How much Lamp Fragrance does an Ashleigh & Burwood Fragrance Lamp use?

Your Fragrance Lamp uses around 30ml/1 fl oz of Lamp Fragrance per hour, depending on ambient conditions.

Can I use any fragrance in my Fragrance Lamp?

Only Ashleigh & Burwood Lamp Fragrances are formulated for this catalytic system. Any other fragrances have not been tested and may damage the wick or cause undesirable effects.

Fragrance Lamps are not compatible with other forms of fragrance we produce. Using Fragrance Oils, Reed Diffuser Refills, or amora Essential Oil Blends in your Fragrance Lamp will cause damage to the Lamp.

Can I mix Lamp Fragrances?

You can mix any of the Ashleigh & Burwood Lamp Fragrances to create your own bespoke scent.

I find the fragrance from my Fragrance Lamp too strong, what can I do?

Be sure that you are not using your Fragrance Lamp for extended periods of time, especially in smaller rooms and when the doors and windows are closed. Fragrance Lamps are incredibly effective at fragrancing the air and you will find that the fragrance lingers for several hours in the room after the Fragrance Lamp has been stopped.

If you feel that it is the fragrance itself which is too strong for your liking, then it is possible to dilute down one of our Lamp Fragrances using the Neutral Lamp Fragrance. You can mix in any ratio you like until you find the level which best suits you.


A component of my Fragrance Lamp is missing or damaged. What should I do?

In this instance please contact the retailer from which you purchased your Fragrance Lamp.

The stone is chipped, can I still use my Fragrance Lamp?

If your stone should become accidentally damaged your Fragrance Lamp will not work efficiently. Fit a new wick/stone before using your Fragrance Lamp again. These can be found on our Accessories & Replacements page. To find out what size wick you need see the Parts of my Fragrance Lamps section above.

My stone is light grey in colour and will not light; what is wrong?

Lamp Fragrance is not being delivered to the stone. Check that your Fragrance Lamp contains Lamp Fragrance. Check also that the wick is inserted fully into the Fragrance Lamp so that the bottom of the wick is submerged in the Lamp Fragrance. After checking this, put the snuffer cap on the Fragrance Lamp for 20-30 minutes to allow the Lamp Fragrance to be absorbed into the wick and then re-light.

My stone is dark grey/black in colour and will light, but it produces a very small flame and does not work when I blow out the flame. What should I do?

Lamp Fragrance is not being delivered efficiently to the Stone. Check that your Fragrance Lamp contains Lamp Fragrance. Check also that the wick is inserted fully into the Fragrance Lamp so that the bottom of the wick is submerged in the Lamp Fragrance. After checking this, put the snuffer cap on the Fragrance Lamp for 20-30 minutes to allow the Lamp Fragrance to be absorbed into the wick and then re-light.

If this does not work it is likely your stone has become clogged with Lamp Fragrance. Follow the instructions on cleaning the wick/stone above.

My stone is dark grey/black in colour but will not light, why?

The stone has become clogged with Lamp Fragrance. This is most likely because the snuffer cap was not put on the Fragrance Lamp when it was not in use. Follow the instructions on cleaning the wick/stone above.

What is happening if my Fragrance Lamp produces a large flame but does not continue to work when this flame is extinguished?

It is most likely that the flame was extinguished before the stone had reached its working temperature. Put the snuffer cap on the Fragrance Lamp and leave it for 20-30 minutes so the wick can absorb the Lamp Fragrance. Light the stone again and allow the flame to burn for a full 2-3 minutes before extinguishing. If this does not work it is likely your stone has become clogged. Follow the instructions on cleaning the wick/stone above.

I sometimes see faint white 'smoke' coming from my Fragrance Lamp when I use it. What is this?

There is a small amount of water in the Lamp Fragrance. Occasionally, and especially if there is a draught, this water vapour and/or elements of the Lamp Fragrance compounds and can be seen coming from the stone.

Why is the level of Lamp Fragrance going down even though I have not used my Fragrance Lamp?

This is most likely because the wick/stone has not been fitted into the Fragrance Lamp correctly. If the collar of the wick/stone is not fully inserted into your Fragrance Lamp, the Lamp Fragrance will slowly evaporate. This can also happen if the snuffer cap is not fully pushed down to cover the stone.

Medical Information

Please see specific product warnings for medical information. These can be found on the Lamp Fragrance bottle and under Safety Information on the product page on our website.

For further information or advice please Contact Us.

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