In order to understand how a Fragrance Lamp works, you first need to know the key parts of it. A Fragrance Lamp is made up of a decorative vase, catalytic stone/wick assembly, snuffer cap and crown and in order for it to work it needs our specialised alcohol-based Lamp Fragrance. The two most crucial parts of the Fragrance Lamp are the stone/wick assembly and the Lamp Fragrance. One of these without the other will not allow the Fragrance Lamp to work and purify your air. Now you know the basics, here’s the scientific bit…

Frosted Bloom Fragrance Lamp

When the stone is lit for 2-4 minutes, the resulting heat allows catalytic combustion to begin. This truly kicks into operation once the flame is extinguished. The stone part of the wick assembly is made up of two parts, an outer and inner section. The outer part, which is coated with platinum to act as the catalyst, reaches temperatures of around 500°C, while the inner section stays much cooler at less than 200°C. The cooler temperature of the inner part of the stone allows our fragrances to be effectively diffused into the air without the scent notes of the fragrance being burnt off or changed.

The external part of the wick is the part that helps to purify the air of bad smells, bacteria, dust mites and mould spores. It does this through the catalytic combustion of the alcohol in our Lamp Fragrance. As the alcohol is drawn up through the cotton wick part of the stone/wick assembly, it is absorbed into the porous stone and is oxidised on the outer part of the stone. The oxidation of the alcohol is what destroys malodours, bacteria, dust mites and mould spores. The catalytic process releases oxygen and ozone into the air during the purifying process, both of which have a wealth of health benefits. Ozone quickly and readily reacts in the air to remove unpleasant smells while leaving behind a crisp, clean scent. Ozone is also the key factor in the destruction of bacteria, mould spores and dust mites. It oxidises the organic material in cell membranes, weakening the cell wall and leading to cellular rupture, which results in almost immediate death of the cell.

The lamp is efficient at cleansing large amounts of air quickly as it draws low-level cool air from the room and the warm, fragrant air it emits rises. As proven in independent laboratory testing, this continual exchange of cool, low-level air and clean, fragrant rising air means that in just 30 minutes the air is cleaned of up to 99% of bacteria and dust mites and 96% of mould spores. Nasty smells will also be significantly reduced; tobacco smoke particles – up to 99.9% removal, up to 80% dog and cat odours and up to 40% of food spoilage odours in 30 minutes. An added benefit is that the fragrance will linger in the air afterwards for many hours, far exceeding the freshening abilities of products such as aerosols or scented candles.