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  1. 4 Ways to Celebrate Pride at Home

    Pride flag

    Like almost everything in the unpredictable 2020, Pride looks a lot different this year. While usually members of the LGBTQ+ community, friends and supporters would be gathering for joyous parades and celebrations, this year we’re staying home and socially distancing to control the spread of coronavirus. However while London’s Pride parade won’t be going ahead today, the ‘new normal’ doesn’t stop us from celebrating at home.

    1. Get crafty and throw your own parade

    A great activity for the young and young at heart alike; raid the cardboard recycling for old egg cartons, cereal boxes and delivery packaging and craft your own parade floats. Use coloured paper, felt tip pens, stickers, and plenty of glitter to create a dazzling float and then throw your own parade by touring round the garden or living room as the music plays. To complete the celebratory atmosphere, scent the occasion with a zesty uplifting scent like Pink Grapefruit or Mandarin & Bergamot.

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  2. Try the Trend: Gender Neutral Fragrances

    Volcanic Clay & Amber

    One of the biggest trends in fragrance over the last few years has been the rise of gender neutral fragrances. According to Mintel, gender-neutral fragrances in the perfume market accounted for just 17% of the market in 2010 growing to 51% by 2018. Emerging in tandem with the increasing mainstream visibility of the LGBTQ+ community and those who challenge traditional ideas of gender, gender neutral fragrances shook up the rigidly gender-divided perfume market.

    Fragrance notes by 'gender'

    However the idea of unisex fragrance can also be applied to scenting the home, offering a middle ground between ‘feminine’ florals and ‘masculine’ notes of woods and spices. These scents either foreground fresh and fruity scents that tend to have broader appeal or blend together stereotypically masculine and feminine elements for an interesting, layered fragrance. Here are some of our favourites!

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  3. Our Fragrance Favourites for Summer

    Summer meadow

    Today is the summer solstice, a traditional festival marking the first day of summer for the Northern Hemisphere. While many of our summer plans are looking much different to how we thought they would at the start of the year, the beginning of the season and its welcome warm weather are still a cause for celebration. To help you welcome in the season, we’re sharing some of our team’s favourite fragrances to enjoy in the sunny weather, from cooling fresh scents to joyful florals.

    Sicilian Lemon

    Feeling fruity

    “I love our Sicilian Lemon Lamp Fragrance, which is so light, fresh and sparkling that it cuts through summer heat. It brings to mind a vision of sun baked lemon groves on the island of Sicily, and an ice cold little glass of Limoncello liqueur!”

    – Andrew, Managing Director

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  4. How to celebrate Best Friends Day during lockdown

    Letter Writing

    Happy Best Friends Day! Most of us will be spending the day apart from our best friends or, if we do see them, it’ll be from six feet away, but there are still many ways we can celebrate together from a distance.

    Write a letter

    While we’ve all been video-chatting, Whatsapp-ing and staying in touch online during lockdown, sometimes it’s nice to receive something tangible from a friend in the post. Take pen to paper and write your bestie a letter to tell them all about what you’ve been up to and how you’re feeling. To make it extra special, include mementos like Polaroid or Instax photos, stickers or pressed flowers.

    Send them a gift

    If you’re not much of a wordsmith, then near or far you can still treat your BFF to something special. That’s why we’re giving you 15% off sitewide just for today (8th June 2020) – just use code FRIEND15 at checkout! Spoil your friends with their favourite fragrance or introduce them to a scent you love to let them know you’re thinking of them.

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  5. How we’re doing our part #ForNature

    Rhino Saw Us Reed Diffuser

    This year the theme for World Environment Day is biodiversity, focusing on how we can support and rehabilitate nature. At Ashleigh & Burwood, we take lots of inspiration from the diverse natural world around us for our fragrant creations, particularly for the vibrant designs of our Wild Things collection which bring the beauty of nature into the home. After launching our Wild Things collection in 2017, we were keen for the success of our bright, beautiful wildlife designs to give back to the animals which inspired them and we’re proud to be supporting two wonderful charities through sales of the collection.

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  6. Our Top Six Scents for Working from Home

    Working From Home

    As part of staying home and staying safe, lots of us have found our homes becoming our new offices, many for the first time. Even though WFH has many benefits – a non-existent commute and much comfier workwear to name a few – it’s also rife with distractions. While a well-chosen home fragrance won’t be able to take your phone out of your hand and stop you scrolling Instagram every five minutes, it can help you to create a focused, invigorated mood to keep you motivated at work. Here are our top choices for zesty, energising scents to help get you going in the morning and to help you stay productive as you work.

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  7. Have fragrance, will travel

    Mount Fuji, Japan

    Over a month into lockdown, the idea of foreign travel feels a long way off. Despite some airlines promising flights abroad as early as June, it’s unlikely many of us will be booking an international getaway for a while. Although we can’t make use of our passports right now, a carefully chosen fragrance can provide that holiday escapism vibe at home. With a whole host of exotic scents in our repertoire, let us take you on a fragrant journey around the world in eight fragrances.

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  8. Our Best Tips to Unwind

    And breathe...

    Unprecedented. Uncertain. Unsettling. We’ve been hearing those words a lot lately to describe these times we find ourselves in. However you choose to describe them, recent days have brought an increase in one emotion to many of us – stress. While our worries may not disappear overnight, we should still take time for some self-care and relaxation. Here are some of our best tips to help you unwind at home.

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  • Little things to keep you happy at home

    With big events from family celebrations to musical festivals and globetrotting holidays cancelled, the simple joys of the little things in life have suddenly become clearer than ever. While staying in means we can’t explore the world and celebrate in person with our friends and family, the days inside are full of lots of small comforts.. Embrace a love of the little things and try some of these ideas to give you a lift.

    It's the little things

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  • Get creative & give new life to your used diffusers

    It’s a sad time when the last few drops of your reed diffuser all dry up. You’ve enjoyed its pleasant aroma working away in the background, keeping your home smelling fresh. And it has been a joy to start each new day, rediscovering its fragrance as you enter the room it’s placed in. But that doesn’t really have to be the end. In just the same way as you wouldn’t get rid of your printer when you’ve run out of ink, or your stapler when you’ve run out of staples, your empty diffuser vessels still have plenty of life left in them. What’s more, an empty diffuser bottle is an opportunity for you to get creative!

    Ashleigh & Burwood reed diffuser on a table
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