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Ashleigh & Burwood Blog

  1. Spring Fragrances

    The sun is shining, the clocks have gone forward and spring has officially sprung! As we’re all coming out of our cosy winter hibernation and remembering what the sunshine looks like, bring the bright spirit of spring into your home with these fresh and natural fragrances.

    Violet Musk

    Violet Musk

    The nostalgic, dreamy mood evoked by this fragrance is perfect for the warm hazy days of spring. Gentle violet leaves and sweet mandarin blend with a core of mimosa and soft violet blossoms, while creamy sandalwood and so

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  2. Mother’s Day Gift Guide

    Two Little Birds Fragrance Lamp

    Mother’s Day is fast approaching (31st March – put it in your diary!) so we’ve gathered together a selection of our favourite fabulously fragranced gifts to treat Mum with. Say goodbye to clichéd chocolates and flowers that wilt in a week and say hello to vibrant home décor and glamorously sparkling mosaics, all accompanied by beautiful home scents that Mum can enjoy longer than any bouquet.

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  3. How to choose a home fragrance

    How to Choose Your Home Fragrance

    Home fragrance has the ability to transform the atmosphere in your house, but with a wide range of fragrancing solutions and an even wider choice of fragrances available, where do you start? Here’s our guide to picking the ideal fragrance for your home.

    Consider the function of the room you’re fragrancing

    Fragrance should uplift and enhance your day to day life at home, not interfere with the function of the room you’re fragrancing. Make sure to avoid putting invigorating scents like citrus in the bedroom, where you’ll want to focus on sleeping and relaxing. Similarly, gourmand or fruity fragrances in the dining room can interfere with the taste of your food, so are best avoided in the area you dine in.

    Think about what mood you want to evoke in your home

    Fragrance is a wonderful way to create your desired home ambience, so to pick the right fragrance for your home you should first decide what kind of mood you’d like to evoke. If you’re looking for an opulent, luxurious atmosphere, seek out scents with rich notes like oud and heady, luscious florals. Whereas if you want your home to feel bright and fresh, look for aquatic scents like Sea Breeze or clean fragrances like Fresh Linen. For a spring vibe, turn to floral scents, especially those with green elements like our Peony and Tea Rose fragrances.

    Take into account what you want to achieve by fragrancing the room

    Why you want to fragrance each room will inform the best method of fragrancing to use. For rooms where you want to use fragrance to replace other, less desirable smells like the kitchen, turn to Fragrance Lamps which will remove the unwanted smell before fragrancing rather than ineffectively masking it. Other rooms may just want a backdrop of fragrance, for these you’ll want to use reed diffusers that provide continuous scent. And if you want to build a cosy atmosphere in the room with your fragrance scented candles are a perfect fit.

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  4. Behind the designs


    Scent might be at the heart of home fragrance, but a gorgeously designed candle vessel or stunning gift packaging is often what pushes a great fragrance to a must have item. We speak to Sumitta Spencer-Townson, our in-house designer behind our Wild Things collection, about how to create fragrance products that look as good as they smell.

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  5. Lamp Fragrance as unique as you

    Fragrance Mixing

    Have you ever wanted to create a fragrance in your home that was unique to you?

    Well with our Lamp Fragrances you can, blending together two scents will create a new, totally individual fragrance for your Fragrance Lamp!

    Read more to find out how to create your own fragrance, plus some of our favourite ‘recipes’…

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  6. A Short History of Scented Candles

    Group of scented candles

    Scented candles are now one of the most coveted home fragrance items; from budget votives to luxury splurges, they’ve before a self-care staple beloved by all. With the launch of our newest candles into The Scented Home, we take a look back at the beginnings of this fragrance star.

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  7. Giving Back to Nature and Helping Rhinos

    After launching our Wild Things collection in 2017, we were keen for the success of our bright, beautiful wildlife designs to give back to the animals which inspired them and we’re proud to be continuing our commitment to give back to nature this season. With our newest Wild Things release, the Rhino Saw Us design, we will be donating 20% of profits from sales to Helping Rhinos (registered charity number: 1175762), a fantastic charity working to ensure rhino conservation around the world.

    Rhino Saw Us Group of Products

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  8. We love a citrus twist!

    Citrus slices

    We’ve fallen in love with citrus notes this season. You’ll find them in many of our new fragrances, evoking sunny groves of ripe oranges, blended with basil for a refreshing herbaceous cocktail and mixed with exotic oud. Whatever the combination, we feel that citrus’ sparkling notes will uplift any scent.

    So what makes citrus notes our new favourites?

    • Crisp and zesty, citrus notes are the ideal morning pick me up to start your day feeling revitalised and the freshness of the scents with keep you feeling energised throughout the day.
    • The light and fresh nature of citrus scents evokes a clean, freshly washed feeling, perfect for when you want to your home to feel refreshed.
    • Citrus scents are some of the most versatile around and can be used to complement an endless number of notes. Fragrances like bergamot, orange and lemon will blend beautifully with warm, rich spices and light, sweet florals in equal measure.
    • They’re a match made in heaven with the sunny days of spring and summer, when the sparkling nature of citrus scents and their greener notes are complemented by the warmer weather.
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  9. Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

    Tired of the same old Valentine’s Day gifts of flowers and chocolates? Why not give the gift of fragrance this Valentine’s Day! To help you choose we’ve picked out a selection of our favourite gorgeous gifts that any lover of beautiful scents and luxurious home décor would be thrilled to unwrap.

    For those that like to make a splash…

    Fragrance Lamp Gift Set

    The Pearl & Fresh Linen Fragrance Lamp Gift Set


    With its sparkling handcrafted mosaic pattern this Fragrance Lamp is an elegant sight to behold, but it’s the fragrance inside that makes the real impact, filling a room with incredible scent in just half an hour.



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  10. How to Upcycle Your Empty Scented Candles

    In 2019, recycling, sustainability and green living are the words on everyone’s lips; it’s simply no longer possible to ignore the massive negative impact our way of living has on the environment. Particularly saddening for us at Ashleigh & Burwood is a report last week that revealed that millions of cheap Christmas candles will make their way to landfill sites this month, where they’re likely to remain for over a thousand years.

    Thankfully, we feel that our own candles are simply too beautiful to chuck away (who could bear to part with a Wild Things vessel?!) and so we’ve come up with plenty of ideas to reuse our burned out candles. Here are some of our favourites, which we will hope will inspire you to find a new use for your next empty candle vessel.

    Whether you’re planning on reusing, refilling or recycling your candle, the first step should always be to clean out any leftover wax and the old wick from the vessel.

    To clean your vessel, fill it with just enough hot water to cover the remaining wax, taking care not to burn yourself, and leave for 2 minutes to allow the wax to soften. Hold the vessel near top to avoid the hot base and carefully remove the wax with a spoon. Dispose of the excess wax and then pour the water away – make sure you don’t pour the wax down the sink as it can cause a blockage! If there’s any remaining wax, scoop it up and throw away. Wipe any leftover residue with a thick kitchen towel and repeat steps until the vessel is clean. Finally, remove the metal wick holder from the bottom of the vessel.

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