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  1. Bring life and colour to your home with cute décor and fragrance

    Wild Things Scented Candles

    A stand-out piece of adorable décor can immediately help to uplift a space make it more interesting especially when paired with enlivening fragrance to bring a positive atmosphere to the room. If you’re unable to change much of a room’s look due to a lack of time and effort or the constraints of renting, then adding a few pieces of bright décor like candles, reed diffusers, planters, rugs and prints are an easy solution to add your personality to a space and make it feel more like home. Look for items in your favourite colours and motifs that will help bring a bit of you into the room and keep in mind that bold and beautiful styles can have a big impact even when featured on a small object.

    At A&B we like our fragrance to look good in your home as well as smelling good - from quirky animal prints to colourful patterns, here are our favourite pieces of cute home fragrance décor to instantly bring life to a space.

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  2. Art Deco décor with The Heritage Collection

    The Heritage Collection Reed Diffuser

    What is Art Deco décor?

    Art Deco was a design movement that first gained popularity in the 1920s and 30s which epitomised modern, sophisticated elegance over the more traditional, ornate Art Nouveau look of the recent Edwardian and Victorian eras. Common motifs in Art Deco décor are sleek, streamlined shapes, strong lines and geometric patterns, à la Lalique glassware and Clarice Cliff ceramics.

    Art Deco décor has remained popular in interior design today as a way to infuse the home with vintage style and a sense of luxury. The visual design of Art Deco is frequently associated with the exuberant rebellion of the Roaring Twenties, the glamour of Great Gatsby-esque parties and the elegance of early Hollywood stars.

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  3. Your Guide to Home Fragrance – What Are Fragrance Notes?

    Floral Notes

    Have you ever wanted to know more about the words we use to talk about fragrances? What do we mean when we say fragrances are made up of notes? Why are some ingredients called top notes and others are called base notes? And what’s an accord?

    We’ve put together this guide to teach you more about what we mean when we describe our fragrances and to help you learn how to talk about your own impressions of a scent.

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  4. Love in lockdown - Our 2021 Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

    Floral Heart

    Like every holiday over the past year, Valentine’s Day is going to be a little different in 2021, with Zoom dates and home-cooked meals taking the place of a romantic night out. Whether you’re stuck apart from your other half or staying home together more than ever before, show your love this year with beautiful fragrances to brighten up their home and remind them of you.

    And this year, specially for Valentine’s Day, we’re offering eco-friendly pink kraft wrapping paper as part of our gift wrapping service. Make your gift even more special by checking the box to opt in for our giftwrap service before adding to your basket, and it will arrive wrapped, finished with our signature Ashleigh & Burwood black and gold ribbon and ready to gift. 


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  5. Quick Ways to Refresh Your Home in the New Year

    Diffuser and Candle in the home

    The New Year always brings with it a craving for fresh starts and new changes with each of us making resolutions big and small. As we’re once again staying home, your own four walls are the perfect place to begin a seasonal refresh. Here are a few easy changes that you can make to help update and refresh your home for 2021.

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  6. Embrace the Autumn with These Cosy Scents

    Cosy Pumpkin Latte Fragrance

    The leaves are falling, the nights are drawing in and the coffee shops are full of spiced lattes - autumn is upon us! Enjoy the season with some of our favourite fragrances for this cosy time of year.

    ‏‏‎ ‎

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  7. How To Get the Most out of your Reed Diffuser

    Sicilian Lemon Reed Diffuser

    An increasingly popular method of home fragrance, reed diffusers breathe a constant release of scent into your home. Unlike scented candles, reed diffusers require little to no supervision, simply set them up and they'll take care of themselves, ensuring that you and your guests are always greeted by fresh and beautiful fragrance.

    Whilst some prefer reed diffusers to scented candles, they can also be used in conjunction with one another. You could simply opt to use a reed diffuser to create a constant core of fragrance in your home and light a complementing scented candle on occasion to fragrance layer!

    Perfect for those seeking a constant release of quality fragrance, perfect for those who prefer flameless home fragrancing and perfect for those who want their home to smell gorgeous!

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  8. The Heritage Collection’s Newest Scent - Amber & Honeyed Woods

    Amber & Honeyed Woods Diffuser Gift Set

    As we head into a new season of the year, we’re welcoming a new fragrance to the nostalgic scents of The Heritage Collection. With golden notes of rich fruits, oakwood and warm amber, Amber & Honeyed Woods is the perfect accompaniment to the bronzing leaves and dusky evenings of autumn.

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  9. Flower Power - Our Favourite Floral Fragrances

    Flower Power

    Would a rose by any other name smell as sweet? Roses, lavender, and jasmine - they’re all part of one of the most popular fragrance families, florals. Although they all evoke the scents of nature’s blooming beauties, there are a whole range of different floral scents out there, from the sweet and light to the sultry and luxurious. We’ve selected some of our favourite floral notes and the scents that include them to help you find a fragrant flower to suit your home.

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  10. Finish off your home transformation with the perfect scent


    During lockdown a lot of us have entertained ourselves by turning our hands to some DIY home decorating while staying indoors. From rearranging a room, a fresh lick of paint on the walls or even trying our hands at upcycling old furniture, many of our homes are looking better than ever. But are they smelling better?

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