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Ashleigh & Burwood Blog

  1. Four Things You Didn't Know About Pumpkins

    It’s getting close to Halloween, so every supermarket is piled high with pumpkins, the spookiest veg around. For National Pumpkin Day, here’s four unusual facts about the ghoulish gourd.

    Ghost pumpkins really exist

    Ghost Pumpkins

    …but they’re not actual ghosts (sorry!). Although the orange pumpkin is the most iconic, pumpkins grow in a variety of colours, including yellow, pink and blue. White varieties have been spookily nicknamed ‘ghost pumpkins’ due to their pale colour.

    Pumpkin Latte could have been Turnip Latte

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  2. Giving Back to Nature with The Big Cat Sanctuary

    From David Attenborough documentaries to The Lion King, exotic nature reserves to the pets in our own homes, the Animal Kingdom is a place of constant fascination and inspiration for us. Every year we discover more and more species of creature we share our planet with, but at the same time an increasing number of animals are under threat from global warming, pollution, deforestation and other challenges.

    A sleek jaguar is the star of our newest Wild Thing, Born With Cattitude, but this beautiful animal and other big cats are increasingly in danger of extinction.

    Maya the Jaguar

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  3. Iris: The Es-scent-ial Facts

    Purple Iris

    What fragrant flower is favoured by a Greek goddess, French royalty and the gin-makers of the world? The same one which lies at the heart of our nostalgic new scent, Midnight Iris!

    Find out more about the flower’s long history, from Ancient Egypt to Ashleigh & Burwood.

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  4. Four Things to Do on National Relaxation Day to Help You Chill Out

    And breathe...

    1. Soak in a warm bath

    The hot water will help increase blood circulation and soothe any sore muscles, plus a warm bath can improve your sleep too. The drop in temperature after getting out of the tub kick-starts the production of melatonin, the hormone that helps you sleep.

    2. Switch off your screens

    Not only is the blue LED light emitted from digital devices thought to mess with your sleep cycle by preventing the natural release of melatonin that occurs as the day gets darker, but continuous social media scrolling has been blamed for a rise in Instagram-induced FOMO (fear of missing out) and self-esteem issues brought on by comparing ourselves to the perfect posed grids of the ‘gram. A night away from screens can be a welcome relief for your mental health as well as your sleep cycle.

    3. Light a candle

    Hang on, didn’t we just tell you to avoid light in the evening? Candlelight is different from artificial light however, it gives a warm glow rather than a blue glare and the flickering light can help soothe the mind. For an even more relaxing time pick a scented candle with a soothing fragrance like sleep-inducing lavender or gentle soft cotton.

    4. Do something you enjoy

    Our number one top tip to de-stress and chill out is to set aside time to do something you genuinely enjoy, whether that’s curling up with a good book, re-watching your favourite film for the hundredth time or coffee with a friend – if it makes you happy, it’s time well spent.

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  5. Scent your home with summer’s most fashionable floral


    With their irresistibly Instagrammable ruffled petals ubiquitous across perfectly posed social media feeds and their sweet scent popping up in perfumes from Prada, Dior and Jo Malone, peonies are undeniably the It flower of the season. Known as “king of the flowers” in their native China, peonies are the inspiration behind three of our biggest, boldest and most beautifully fragrant ways to scent your home this summer.

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  6. Father’s Day Home Fragrance Gift Guide | Ashleigh & Burwood

    Father’s Day is fast approaching – its next Sunday (17th June) in case you’ve missed it on your calendar – so here are our picks for refined, fragranced gifts that Dad will love.

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  7. The Art of Home Fragrance

    It’s National Fragrance Week this week, a yearly event that focuses on increasing awareness of the fragrance industry and the role fragrance plays in each of our lives, so we’re taking you behind-the-scenes of Ashleigh & Burwood to see how we craft our fragrances from concept to completion.

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  8. Why You Need a Signature Home Fragrance

    Scent memories are the muses behind our new fragrances for Spring/Summer this year, including the sultry White Velvet. A glamorous blend of velvety white flowers and rich sandalwood, White Velvet is inspired by the favourite perfume of our Customer Operations Advisor Salvina’s best friend – a scent that is entwined with all her happy memories of their friendship.

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  9. Mother’s Day Gift Guide

    Mother’s Day is this Sunday 11th March. If you’re still searching for the perfect gift for Mum, take a look at our choices for the best way to say ‘thanks for being you’…

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  10. Zebras and #Zelfies at Spring Fair 2018

    Just in time for the launch of our three new Wild Things next week, we’re sharing with you a few snaps from earlier this month when the Ashleigh & Burwood Team headed up to Birmingham’s NEC with a surprise guest in tow!

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