Welcome to our Sustainability Hub - where we're sharing our ongoing journey towards a more eco-friendly business. Here, you can learn about what we've achieved so far, our aims for the future and find info that will make it easier to understand the green benefits and recyclability of each product you buy.

What Sustainability Means To Us

For nearly 30 years we’ve been committed to crafting products that improve our homes, making them feel brighter, fresher and more fragrant. Like many of our customers, we’re now increasingly conscious that it’s not just each individual home we need to take care of, but also the home we all share – planet Earth. We’re facing many problems that contribute to the current climate crisis – plastic waste, carbon emissions and ecological issues – but by playing our part to reduce the impact we have on the environment, we believe we can make a difference. Over recent years we’ve worked hard to improve our sustainability credentials and reinforce our business’ mission to encourage refilling, not rebuying. However, we know that we still have a long way to go and we have many more green goals we’re aiming to meet in the future.

“We’re looking forward to a greener future for both Ashleigh & Burwood and the planet as a whole. I’m proud of the changes we’ve already made here at A&B to embrace sustainability and reduce our negative impact, however this is only the start of our journey towards our goals. I hope you’ll join us on this journey and celebrate with as we achieve each step towards a fresher, happier and more eco-friendly home for everyone.”

– Andrew Nettleton, co-founder of Ashleigh & Burwood

The Three Pillars Of Our Approach To Sustainability


At A&B we’ve always aimed to create products of enduring quality, rather than those that are used and discarded, and our increased awareness of sustainable issues has only deepened our commitment to refillable and reusable home fragrances. As well as cutting down on the waste produced by our products, we’re dedicated to collaborating with environmental charities and eco-friendly technologies to invest in a greener future.

What we've achieved so far...

● To help reduce plastic waste from our products, we expanded our range of diffuser refills to include larger bottles that could refill a standard size diffuser multiple times.
● We’ve introduced new fragrances created using special, sustainable ECOBOOST® technology that reduces the amount of fragrance ingredients needed in the manufacturing process, leading to lower emissions and a reduced carbon footprint.

What we're working towards next...

● Improving the sustainability credentials of our products and positively influencing the sustainability performance of our suppliers
● Continuing to seek out innovative sustainable technology that can help lower our products’ cost to the planet.


Creating more eco-friendly packaging for our products is one of our most important goals. Like everyone, we’re more aware of our plastic waste than ever before and keen to reduce the amount of virgin plastic used in our products’ packaging. As we continue towards our goal of making more and more of our packaging recyclable or biodegradable, we’re working to educate customers on how to dispose of packaging in an eco-friendly manner. On each product page you’ll find a guide on which elements of the product and packaging can be recycled.

What we've achieved so far...

● We use recyclable cardboard boxes and compostable EcoFlo® pellets to package each order, cutting down on the waste produced by online deliveries

● We’ve introduced diffuser refill bottles for the Life In Bloom collection made from 30+% recycled plastic, one step towards our goal of creating more sustainable packaging for our products

What we're working towards next...

● Reducing the amount of virgin plastic used in the manufacture of our products

● Using a minimum of 30% post-consumer recycled plastic in all our plastic bottles by 2023

● Removing plastic from packaging wherever possible

● Switching to recyclable options for packaging wherever possible

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Business Processes

Sustainability begins at home, and that’s as true for the home of A&B as it is for the homes our products fragrance. As we continue to grow we don’t want our carbon emissions to grow with us, so we’re making changes to reduce Scope 1 and 2 emissions as much as we can and to improve the green business practices of ourselves and our suppliers.

What we've achieved so far...

● Installed a new cardboard baler in our warehouse at A&B HQ, enabling us to recycle all the cardboard waste we generate as a business

● Switched all office lighting to energy-conserving LED bulbs and to power-saving motion-sensor lighting

● Replaced the heaters in our warehouse with more efficient infrared heaters

● As of April 2021, 100% of the energy we use as a business comes from renewable energy sources which help cut carbon emissions

● Installed six EV charge points at our company headquarters

What we're working towards next...

● Providing accessible sustainable travel options for employees for travel which results in a reduction of carbon emissions

● A third of our company vehicles are fully electric and we aim for all vehicles to be fully electric by 2025

● Reducing carbon emissions from company vehicles by 65% by 2024 against a 2019 baseline figure

● Reducing carbon emissions from energy use by 60% by 2024 against a 2019 baseline figure

● Our long-term ambition is to be carbon neutral from energy use by 2040

The Scent Change - Our Journey So Far...