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Ashleigh & Burwood's Premium Fragrance Lamps (Catalytic Lamps)

The catalytic lamp traces its beginning to the early 1890's when a pharmacist created the unique system to disinfect the air in hospitals. The original models were made of crystal or glass, and operated with the same method of purification that is used today: diffusion by catalytic combustion. The catalytic burner captures and destroys the molecules that carry odors. The mixing of air and the movement from convection ensures that odors are destroyed and at least 67% of the bacteria are killed in a large volume of air. Catalytic lamps actually purify the air before perfuming it. In the late 1920's designers were commissioned to create aesthetic bottles to be offered to the private consumers. With a selection of over 100 different models, the people of France enthusiastically welcomed the catalytic lamps into their homes. These lamps, which had previously cleansed and purified the air exclusively in the institutional setting, now came into the home, as well. While air fresheners and room sprays can only mask an odor, the catalytic lamps actively purify, cleanse, and perfume the air in a wide area, and the pleasant fragrance lingers for two hours after the lamp is extinguished. Common odors in the home produced by cooking, pets, tobacco, and exercising can be safely and effectively expelled by catalytic lamps.

Ashleigh & Burwood are the industry leader offering the best prices and the best selection in catalytic lamps and fuel.

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