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  1. How we’re doing our part #ForNature

    Rhino Saw Us Reed Diffuser

    This year the theme for World Environment Day is biodiversity, focusing on how we can support and rehabilitate nature. At Ashleigh & Burwood, we take lots of inspiration from the diverse natural world around us for our fragrant creations, particularly for the vibrant designs of our Wild Things collection which bring the beauty of nature into the home. After launching our Wild Things collection in 2017, we were keen for the success of our bright, beautiful wildlife designs to give back to the animals which inspired them and we’re proud to be supporting two wonderful charities through sales of the collection.

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  2. Our Top Six Scents for Working from Home

    Working From Home

    As part of staying home and staying safe, lots of us have found our homes becoming our new offices, many for the first time. Even though WFH has many benefits – a non-existent commute and much comfier workwear to name a few – it’s also rife with distractions. While a well-chosen home fragrance won’t be able to take your phone out of your hand and stop you scrolling Instagram every five minutes, it can help you to create a focused, invigorated mood to keep you motivated at work. Here are our top choices for zesty, energising scents to help get you going in the morning and to help you stay productive as you work.

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  3. Have fragrance, will travel

    Mount Fuji, Japan

    Over a month into lockdown, the idea of foreign travel feels a long way off. Despite some airlines promising flights abroad as early as June, it’s unlikely many of us will be booking an international getaway for a while. Although we can’t make use of our passports right now, a carefully chosen fragrance can provide that holiday escapism vibe at home. With a whole host of exotic scents in our repertoire, let us take you on a fragrant journey around the world in eight fragrances.

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  4. Our Best Tips to Unwind

    And breathe...

    Unprecedented. Uncertain. Unsettling. We’ve been hearing those words a lot lately to describe these times we find ourselves in. However you choose to describe them, recent days have brought an increase in one emotion to many of us – stress. While our worries may not disappear overnight, we should still take time for some self-care and relaxation. Here are some of our best tips to help you unwind at home.

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  • Little things to keep you happy at home

    With big events from family celebrations to musical festivals and globetrotting holidays cancelled, the simple joys of the little things in life have suddenly become clearer than ever. While staying in means we can’t explore the world and celebrate in person with our friends and family, the days inside are full of lots of small comforts.. Embrace a love of the little things and try some of these ideas to give you a lift.

    It's the little things

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  • Get creative & give new life to your used diffusers

    It’s a sad time when the last few drops of your reed diffuser all dry up. You’ve enjoyed its pleasant aroma working away in the background, keeping your home smelling fresh. And it has been a joy to start each new day, rediscovering its fragrance as you enter the room it’s placed in. But that doesn’t really have to be the end. In just the same way as you wouldn’t get rid of your printer when you’ve run out of ink, or your stapler when you’ve run out of staples, your empty diffuser vessels still have plenty of life left in them. What’s more, an empty diffuser bottle is an opportunity for you to get creative!

    Ashleigh & Burwood reed diffuser on a table
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  • Fragrancing Ways to help you sleep

    Obsidian Lamp & Sleep Lamp Fragrance on end of bed

    Many of us will deal with sleeplessness at different points in our lifetime. Your sleep can suffer when you’re stressed or finding it difficult to switch your brain off. To aid you in your pursuit of a better night's sleep, Ashleigh & Burwood has a range of ways to help you relax and calm your mind before you go to bed.

    Fragrances and products to promote better sleep

    We offer a selection of Lamp Fragrances to use in your Fragrance Lamp for 30 minutes as part of your wind-down routine before you go to bed. We’ve put together a short list of our most suitable Lamp Fragrances to help calm your mind and body before bedtime, for your best night’s sleep:

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  • Our Top Tips for Working from Home

    Like a boss mug - Working from home

    1. Get dressed (even if you’re just changing from your nighttime pyjamas to your work-from-home pyjamas)

    Sticking to routines like getting dressed every day will help you feel more like you’re going to work, rather than just rolling out of bed and commuting to the sofa, and help get you into a working mindset

    2. Make a to-do list

    Working from home can be full of distractions, from long chats with the roommates you’re now sharing an office with to the latest binge-able TV series just a click away. Making a list of everything you want to achieve at the start of each day can help you fend off distractions and stay focused on the day’s goals.

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  • How does an Ashleigh & Burwood Fragrance Lamp purify the air?

    Frosted Bloom Fragrance Lamp

    In order to understand how a Fragrance Lamp works, you first need to know the key parts of it. A Fragrance Lamp is made up of a decorative vase, catalytic stone/wick assembly, snuffer cap and crown and in order for it to work it needs our specialised alcohol-based Lamp Fragrance. The two most crucial parts of the Fragrance Lamp are the stone/wick assembly and the Lamp Fragrance. One of these without the other will not allow the Fragrance Lamp to work and purify your air. Now you know the basics, here’s the scientific bit…

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  • A time for community care and family safety

    Obsidian Fragrance Lamp & Yoshino Waters Fragrance

    During this uncertain time of the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) outbreak, we are receiving daily updates on how we can protect ourselves, our loved ones and our community. From all of us here at Ashleigh & Burwood, we hope you are doing your best to stay positive and stay safe, as we are, during this challenging time. 

    While the advice from the government being updated every day, they have stressed that the best ways we can all help to keep COVID-19 from spreading is to ensure:

    • We are all washing our hands regularly, for longer than 20 seconds.
    • We regularly disinfect and clean frequently touched surfaces and objects, including kitchen counters, desks and phones.
    • We cough or sneeze into a tissue or sleeve (not our hands) to reduce the spread of germs.

     Alongside frequent handwashing and keeping our environments clean and disinfected, we at Ashleigh & Burwood think that our Fragrance Lamps can help give us all a little peace of mind.

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