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  1. Room by Room Fragrancing Guide

    Fragrance Inside the Home

    You probably don't have the same colour walls in every room, or the same furniture in your bathroom and your living room, so it follows that using one fragrance throughout your home may not be the best approach. Much like with the décor in your home, taking the function of each room into account is helpful when picking home fragrance. You don't use your kitchen and your bedroom for the same purpose, so the same fragrance won't necessarily work in both either. Here are some of our tips and tricks for picking a beautiful fragrance to compliment every room - but keep in mind that there are no real rules when it comes to home fragrance!

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  2. Our Top Six Scents for Working from Home

    Working From Home

    As working from home advice continues into the new year, many of us have found our homes once again being transformed into our offices, allowing us to make our space our own. Even though WFH has many benefits – a non-existent commute and much comfier workwear to name a few – it’s also rife with distractions. While a well-chosen home fragrance won’t be able to take your phone out of your hand and stop you scrolling Instagram every five minutes, it can help you to create a focused, invigorated mood to keep you motivated and productive as you work. Here are some of our favourite scents to help boost your productivity, concentration and mood whilst working.

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  3. Enjoying summer all year round with tropical decor ideas - 8th Jul 2021

    Toucan Play That Game Candle

    Has the sun shining and the weather warming put a smile on your face? Bring that blissful summer feeling to your space year round with these tropical decor ideas that make home feel like a holiday. Featuring bright colours that will add a vibrant pop to your interiors and tropical designs to make you smile these home fragrance gems infuse the home with exotic scents and relaxing vacation vibes.  

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  4. Spice things up in your home with wonderful spicy and woody fragrances - 24th JUn 2021


    Feeling bored with your home fragrance? Give your home a boost of energy and spice things up with one of our splendid spicy and woody scents! As well as bringing a bright new feeling to the home with their zesty spicy notes, these fragrances also create a cosy atmosphere thanks to warming, woody base notes lending the ideal comforting ambience to the home.

    From fragrances evoking the aromatic scent of the heart of the forest to the rich and fragrant feel of far-off spice markets, discover some of our favourite spicy and woody accords…

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  5. Relax at home with beautiful Essential Oils for World Wellbeing Week - 24th Jun 2021


    This week the world is celebrating World Wellbeing Week, an event which aims to bring increased awareness to the many, wide-ranging aspects of wellbeing. In recent times we’ve all become increasingly aware of our own wellbeing, how effected it can be by our environment and how important it is to take to improve our overall wellbeing.

    One way to improve your wellbeing is to relax at home with the scent of the transformative essential oils found in our range of Essential Oil Lamp Fragrances.

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  6. Discover the beautiful variety of bergamot diffuser blends - 21st Jun 2021

    Bergamot fruit

    Bergamot is one of our favourite fragrance ingredients here at A&B. This surprisingly versatile citrus note comes from the essential oil of the bergamot orange, an unusual green relative of the lemons, limes and oranges we’re more familiar with. While you won’t find bergamot in the fresh fruit aisle, you might recognise its flavour – it’s one of the ingredients which go into creating the classic English taste of Earl Grey tea. Aside from its tea-making uses, bergamot is also a highly prized scent in perfumery as it creates as a complex citrus note which pairs well with fresh, floral and aromatic elements for a unique and pleasing effect.

    Click below to discover some of our favourite bergamot diffuser blends infused with this unique citrus note.

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  7. Why burning incense is beneficial for the mind and soul - 7th Jul 2021

    Burning Incense

    Burning incense is one of the oldest ways to fragrance the home, being used all the way back in the days of Ancient Egypt to keep rooms from smelling bad, and it continues to be used today thanks to its beneficial effects on the mind and mood as well as its beautiful fragrance. For those unfamiliar with this long-lived fragrancing method, incense sticks are made with aromatic materials including essential oils, to scent a room the incense stick is lit and then the flame fanned to a gentle ember which releases a pleasantly fragrant smoke into the air. To burn your incense sticks without mess, you’ll need an Incense Holder (£9.99) to catch any ash. One of the most evocative and relaxing methods of releasing fragrance into the home, there are several benefits to be gained through burning incense.

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  8. The best scents to make your bathroom smell good - 14th Jun 2021


    It’s where we get ready in the morning, where we wash away the day in the evening and where we go to relax with a hot shower or a long bath. But there's no denying the bathroom can also attract unwanted smells from everyday use. Reduce these undesirable odours and help your bathroom smell good with our purifying Fragrance Lamps; the Lamps use an innovative catalytic process to cleanse the air of nasty odour particles rather than masking them with another fragrance.* While they're doing away with unwanted aromas the Lamps can simultaneously replace the smells in the room with a new scent to create your desired atmosphere.

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  9. Escape to the seaside this summer with beachy scents and décor! - 14th Jun 2021

    Beach view

    Whether you’re off for a UK getaway, enjoying a staycation or longing for a beachy holiday this summer, you can always enjoy the refreshing scent and beautiful blue shades of the ocean waves in your home thanks to these sea-nsational Fragrance Lamps and home fragrances. Featuring energising and evocative coastal notes and tranquil ocean hues, these home fragrance treats are the perfect complement to warm weather to take you on a scented seaside escape. For an especially fresh and clean feel, place in your bathroom to bring the beach vibes home as you bathe.

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  10. Gifts for Dad this Father’s Day - 11th Jun 2021

    Father's Day Gift Set

    Treat your dad this year with a luxurious fragranced gift from A&B! Father’s Day is coming up next Sunday on the 20th June, order now to get your gift in plenty of time. To inspire you in your gift-giving we’ve chosen some of our favourite refined, fragranced items that Dad will love to unwind with. Pairing rich scents with smart decorative touches these picks will create an ambience of refined sophistication and add style to the home.

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