At A&B we offer a huge variety of fragrance types, and we know that as a result it can be a little confusing to know what fragrance works with which product. This guide will cover frequently asked questions on our core fragrance types and what products they can be used with.

If you have any further questions that aren't answered below, please contact us and we'll be happy to help.

Fragrance Lamps & Lamp Fragrance

What type of fragrance can I use in my Fragrance Lamp?

Only ever use Ashleigh & Burwood Lamp Fragrance with your Lamp. These are specially designed with our Lamps in mind - similar products from other brands will not perform as well and could contain ingredients that will damage your Lamp. Best to avoid!

Are Fragrance Oils and Lamp Fragrance the same thing? Can I use Fragrance Oils in my Lamp?

This is a common source of confusion as the products have similar names, but Fragrance Oils and Lamp Fragrance are not the same. The key difference is that Fragrance Oils use an oil base while Lamp Fragrances use an alcohol base. Using Fragrance Oils in your Lamp will cause damage to the Lamp (and be a waste of good Fragrance Oil!), use Fragrance Oils in an Oil Burner or sprinkle a few drops on pot pourri instead.

Can I use Lamp Fragrance in any other product? Can I refill my diffuser with it?

Lamp Fragrance should only be used with Fragrance Lamps. If you’ve ever taken a whiff of a Lamp Fragrance straight from the bottle, you may have noticed a strong alcohol smell – this is because Lamp Fragrance needs to go through the catalytic process that the Lamps use in order to release the desired scent. Using Lamp Fragrance to top up a diffuser won't give you a good result, for that turn to Diffuser Fragrances.

Fragrance Oils & Oil Burners

What type of fragrance can I use in my Oil Burner?

Unlike most of our vessels, you can use different kinds of fragrance in Oil Burners. Use with Fragrance Oils by adding a few drops to water in the top of the burner, or place Wax Melts in the top of the burner to release their fragrance. Do not use Diffuser Fragrances or Lamp Fragrances in your Oil Burner. 

Can I mix two or more Fragrance Oils together?

Yes! Fragrance Oils can be blended to create a unique fragrance. Just add a drop or two of each fragrance to the Oil Burner with water.

Can I use Fragrance Oils in any other product? Can I refill my Fragrance Lamp with them or add them to a diffuser?

In addition to being used with Oil Burners, a few drops of Fragrance Oil can sprinkled on pot pourri to refresh the scent. We don’t recommend using drops of Fragrance Oil in a reed diffuser however as the two liquids may not blend well. Instead, try flipping your reed to boost the strength of diffuser fragrance, or refill with Diffuser Fragrance if it’s running low. Using Fragrance Oils in your Fragrance Lamp will cause damage to the Lamp – stick to Ashleigh & Burwood Lamp Fragrances!

Can I use your Fragrance Oils for DIY candle making?

Our Fragrance Oils aren’t designed for candle-making – if you’re making your own at home, it’s best to use oils advertised for that purpose.

Reed Diffusers and Diffuser Fragrance

What type of fragrance can I use in my Reed Diffuser?

Most of our Reed Diffusers come with fragrance included, either in the vessel or in a separate bottle. If you have a vessel that doesn’t include fragrance or your fragrance has run out, then fill your diffuser with Diffuser Fragrance. Any fragrance in this category is suitable for any of our diffuser vessels. Other fragrance types like Lamp Fragrance and Fragrance Oils aren’t suitable for use in reed diffusers either on their own or mixed with Diffuser Fragrance.

Can I use Diffuser Fragrance in any other product?

While Diffuser Fragrance can be used in any suitable diffuser vessel with reeds, it can't be used with other products like Fragrance Lamps or Oil Burners. Using Diffuser Fragrance in these products can be dangerous and cause damage.