In 2019, recycling, sustainability and green living are the words on everyone’s lips; it’s simply no longer possible to ignore the massive negative impact our way of living has on the environment. Particularly saddening for us at Ashleigh & Burwood is a report last week that revealed that millions of cheap Christmas candles will make their way to landfill sites this month, where they’re likely to remain for over a thousand years.

Thankfully, we feel that our own candles are simply too beautiful to chuck away (who could bear to part with a Wild Things vessel?!) and so we’ve come up with plenty of ideas to reuse our burned out candles. Here are some of our favourites, which we will hope will inspire you to find a new use for your next empty candle vessel.

Whether you’re planning on reusing, refilling or recycling your candle, the first step should always be to clean out any leftover wax and the old wick from the vessel.

To clean your vessel, fill it with just enough hot water to cover the remaining wax, taking care not to burn yourself, and leave for 2 minutes to allow the wax to soften. Hold the vessel near top to avoid the hot base and carefully remove the wax with a spoon. Dispose of the excess wax and then pour the water away – make sure you don’t pour the wax down the sink as it can cause a blockage! If there’s any remaining wax, scoop it up and throw away. Wipe any leftover residue with a thick kitchen towel and repeat steps until the vessel is clean. Finally, remove the metal wick holder from the bottom of the vessel.

Storage Solutions

We’re connoisseurs of fine fragrance here at Ashleigh & Burwood, but it’s not always a candle’s scent that has us splashing out – sometimes they’re just so pretty we have to have to have them in our homes. If you, like us, appreciate the appeal of a good-looking candle, then a perfect way to keep those gorgeous vessels around once you’re done burning them is to repurpose them as a beautiful storage solution.

The list of things you can put in a cleaned up candle vessel is truly endless, but here are a few of our faves:

Upcyled candle vessel holding pens

Pen pot

It’s a classic for a reason. We all have pens, we all need somewhere to put them, and a pretty candle vessel helps brighten up your work space.

Upcyled candle vessel holding makeup

Make up holder

A simple, stylish way to keep your staple faves close at hand, but beautifully organised rather than cluttering up your space.

Wild Things vessel used to hold tea bags

Tea tidy

The golden lids on our Wild Things candles are inspired by beautiful oriental tea sets, so naturally they make a great place to store tea bags at your desk.

Greenery Goals

Candle vessels are a great way to house petite plants like oh-so-trendy cacti and succulents in style. You can simply sit the plant in its original plastic pot inside the candle vessel, hiding the boring brown pot. (This can also help with the plant’s drainage as you can simply take the smaller pot out the vessel and pour away any excess water.) Alternatively, you can plant your plant directly into the vessel. If you do this, make sure you add some stones at the bottom of the vessel before planting to help with drainage and avoid over-watering. Then, pop your plant straight in and fill any gaps with soil.

Wild Things vessels holding plants

Light It Up

Unsurprisingly, candle vessels are, well, really good at holding candles! If you want to keep your candle burning bright, they can be easily repurposed as a tea light holder. Additionally, if your empty vessel is from our Wild Things collection you can also refill it with a Candle Refill, either in the same fragrance or a different one from the collection, to keep it burning as long as you like.

 Wild Things Candle Refill

We’d love to see how you reuse your old candle vessels! Share a picture on social media and tag us @ashleighburwood or use the hashtag #FragranceReImagined