Christmas Lights

It's official, Christmas is on. We know, we know, it seems to begin earlier and earlier each year, but it really is well and truly on now. Don’t believe us? Just glance out of your window and gaze in wonderment at the Christmas lights which have popped up on the high street. When were they put up? No one knows. They simply appear each year. Take a look at the shops, too. They’re filling! Christmas shoppers, pop-up Christmas sections, they're all there. This divides the nation into two sides. There's the first, those who roll their eyes and point out that "bonfire night is barely over", and the second, who instinctively break into a chorus of "I don’t want a lot for Christmas..." at the first sight of a bauble.

Whichever camp you fall into, if you’ve been hearing jingle bells since August, or if you fall somewhere in-between the two, we can all agree that Christmas is something to get excited about. Ultimately, it’s a great time for tradition. You may shake things up each year with a new, on-trend colour scheme, but it’s the personal little customs that each household honours that makes it such a comforting time, filled with nostalgia and smiles (cheesy, but true)!

Your sense of smell is one of your most evocative senses, able to instantly conjure up memories and emotions from the slightest whiff of a particular scent. This is why certain notes such as cinnamon, clove and nutmeg can instantly make you feel "a bit Christmassy", whether you’re surrounded by twinkling lights or not. Those warming, traditional notes seem to connect with you in an instant, transporting you back to Christmases past and letting you know that Christmas is well and truly here. So if you really want to unleash the festivities this year, fragrance is not to be overlooked when putting up the decorations!

Reed diffusers are a great way to keep the Christmas spirit alive in your home, releasing a constant aroma of 'Christmas', greeting you as you return home and welcoming your guests as they arrive. We recommend placing our Christmas Spice Reed Diffuser in your kitchen to release the warming scents of traditional Christmas spices such as orange, cinnamon and clove. These gourmand notes will mingle with the cooking scents in your kitchen without clashing with them (and also give the impression you’ve just whipped up something delicious!).

Christmas Tree Diffuser

If you’re not having a real tree this year, you can still fill your home with that blissful Christmas tree scent with our Christmas Tree reed diffuser. A blend of verdant notes and soft woods, position our Christmas Tree reed diffuser in your living room to evoke that familiar, comforting scent that lets you know that Christmas has truly arrived! To lightly spritz your home with the scents of the season, you can also use our Christmas home sprays. Try spraying Christmas Time in the hallway and bathroom before your guests arrive, to greet them with enlivening notes of crisp pear, apple and nutmeg!

We don’t mind if it’s a bit early...

Merry Christmas!