The underrated hero of home fragrance, Fragrance Lamps are a powerful, purifying way to scent your home in a short amount of time. Read on to discover more about why to choose a Fragrance Lamp, their benefits and how they compare to other home fragrance like scented candles.

Fragrance Lamps have incredible scent impact

If you’re seeking an impressively powerful fragrance release that will transform the home, the Fragrance Lamps are the answer. Fragrance Lamps use a catalytic process to diffuse the Lamp Fragrance into the air. This method of scenting provides a much further scent throw, much faster than similar home fragrance formats like scented candles and reed diffusers.

Both reed diffusers and scented candles rely on diffusion to fragrance a space with the fragrance molecules diffusing into the air as they evaporate from the saturated reed or molten wax. In comparison, Fragrance Lamps use convection which helps the fragrance molecules travel further. The fragrance is actively expelled through the catalytic reaction of the stone and passed through the air via convection current, sending it further than diffused molecules.

Fragrance Lamps purify the air

Lamp Fragrances are made with a base of isopropyl alcohol, which is widely used in antiseptics, cleaning products and hand sanitisers due to its cleansing properties.

Ultra fine particles of the base are diffused from the Fragrance Lamp alongside the fragrance molecules. These fine particles have a similar sanitsing effect on the air to your skin when you use hand sanitiser, neutralising airborne molecules and contaminants.

Fragrance Lamps work quickly

Fragrance Lamps scent rooms rapidly, taking just under fifty minutes from start to finish, with only half an hour of active fragrancing. Other home fragrance offers a slower release, with diffusers taking a few hours for the reeds to draw up fragrance and scented candles needing between one to four hours for the molten pool of wax to spread across the candle’s surface. Fragrance Lamps also only need their flame alight for a few minutes, compared to candles or oil burners which need an active flame during the whole fragrancing process.

Even other rapid scenting methods, such as room sprays, offer fast fragrance which also dissipates quickly, whereas Fragrance Lamps’ scent lingers for several hours.

You should always choose the fragrance format that suits you best. If you want a simple, ‘set it and forget it’ scent, then reed diffusers are the best choice. For a long, relaxing evening, nothing beats a flickering candle nearby. And for fast, far-reaching, impactful fragrance with a purifying boost, Fragrance Lamps are your answer.