Rose & White Oud

What is oud? Rich, smoky and animalic, oud is the luxurious note with a somewhat unglamorous backstory. When the exotic Agar tree becomes infected with a mould variety named Phialophora parasitica, it reacts by producing a dark, fragrant resin which we know as the opulent and elusive fragrance note, ‘oud’ (or ‘agarwood’).

Despite its somewhat humble beginnings, oud is incredibly rare and heavily sought after, rendering it a hot commodity often referred to as ‘liquid gold’. Whilst oud has experienced extreme popularity in the Middle East for centuries, it’s making its mark on Western fragrance and perfume, and is one to watch for 2015/16. So what does oud smell like?

The scent of oud is best described as ‘complex’. Sweet, smoky, woody, animalic and rich are dominant traits, whilst the notes that oud is blended with ensure that it can be enjoyed in a variety of aromas. Rose is a lovely accompaniment to oud, brought together in Tom Ford's popular fragrance Oud Fleur, and our Lamp Fragrance Rose & White Oud, great for those who prefer oud with a touch of floral. Those with a penchant for headier scents with a spicy edge may prefer Midnight Oud, available as a Lamp Fragrance with notes of patchouli, musk and bergamot.