Burning Incense

Burning incense is one of the oldest ways to fragrance the home, being used all the way back in the days of Ancient Egypt to keep rooms from smelling bad, and it continues to be used today thanks to its beneficial effects on the mind and mood as well as its beautiful fragrance. For those unfamiliar with this long-lived fragrancing method, incense sticks are made with aromatic materials including essential oils, to scent a room the incense stick is lit and then the flame fanned to a gentle ember which releases a pleasantly fragrant smoke into the air. To burn your incense sticks without mess, you’ll need an Incense Holder (£9.99) to catch any ash. One of the most evocative and relaxing methods of releasing fragrance into the home, there are several benefits to be gained through burning incense.

Burning incense creates a calming ambience

One of the greatest benefits of burning incense is that it helps to calm the mind and create the perfect atmosphere for relaxation and destressing. Our English Lavender Incense Sticks (£4.95) are a great option for creating a calming mood thanks to the naturally soothing properties of the scent of lavender. As well as the relaxing fragrance, the slowly drifting smoke released by the burning incense forms a dreamlike haze which creates a peaceful feeling in the room that will help you unwind. With mental anxiety and stress becoming more and more common in today’s world, the benefits of the calming, ritual experience of burning incense cannot be underestimated.

Burning incense helps meditation

Premium Incense

As well as its role in fragrancing the home, incense has long been used to aid in meditation and creating a thoughtful state of mind in both religious and secular practices. Meditation is the practice of mindfulness and focusing the thoughts and thanks to its calming effects, burning incense helps quiet the worries and anxieties inside our heads, allowing the mind to focus its attention on meditation. Practising meditation can help relieve stress and anxieties, increase self-awareness and improve creativity. To help create a meditative mood in your home try meditate after lighting our Indian Sandalwood Incense Sticks (£4.95). The scent of sandalwood is a soothing one, but it is also thought to help heighten the senses and improve alertness and concentration making it ideal to aid in meditation.

Burning incense helps creativity

As burning incense helps to create a calm mood and bring focus to the mind, it can also help boost creativity. Try lighting an incense stick while enjoying a creative hobby like art or crafting and see if it makes a difference in what you produce. For a scent that helps to create an artistic atmosphere, we recommend Jasmine Incense Sticks (£4.95) as the scent of jasmine can help you feel happier, and is thought to improve creativity and productivity.

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